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RT @MartinBashir: @StPaulsLondon "We must learn not just to tolerate our neighbours but to love them... We must not turn inward to ourselv…
A phone call every 6 weeks is not ‘supervision’. We are failing ex-offenders who need support to rebuild their liv… https://t.co/OudOa0jC9m
RT @jo_under_wood: This is what is happening with the shift to #universalcredit. It's also what happens when you have a good housing lawyer…
Today I’ll ask ministers why they aren’t delivering on their commitment in the Lords to exempt all kinship carers f… https://t.co/muXFX8x3cb
Great to hear @miriamgoodacre on @BBCR4Sunday discuss @Clean4Good. Church helps exploited cleaners in its parish by… https://t.co/q8PxGwZQbD
RT @RevArun: Today’s the day. 3 Camels, 15 actors, 50 singers and a baby #TheDurhamNativity https://t.co/qucoo2xBAp
RT @Rosball: Hai @BBCParliament and @ParlyApp check out the geekery involved in our Xmas work quiz. I'm on another level here. https://t.c…
RT @RevArun: Christmas festival at @stnicsdurham with Prayer angels left by visitors https://t.co/Eo1wzA1sLb
RT @imran_1: Worth remembering. It was supposed to be a Child Poverty Commission. First, Social Mobility was added to brief. Then, child po…
This is very serious. Deputy Chair was ex Tory Education Secretary Bns (Gillian) Shephard. We should all demand gov… https://t.co/gCvCp09Jok
RT @thurible: Statement on Prayers for Prince George. (Please RT and share widely) https://t.co/fYzy2qnnLL
Does RBS do what NatWest (in same group) does: pay staff to walk the counter queue to divert customers to machines… https://t.co/JSmJusaQB2
RT @jo_under_wood: And so the Discretionary Housing Payment pot is required to stretch even further...not only to help those affected by th…
London saw a few flakes of snow this morning. There have clearly been a few more in Durham... https://t.co/96ylBQQcm5
Last DWP business of the week: responding to govt statement on this document. Asked minister about funding, timesca… https://t.co/u46Ilpi7fo
Now wishing I’d worn boots when I left Durham at the start of the week... https://t.co/l3qgrvL9yL
RT @frsimon: This is not the nation I want. This is not acceptable. https://t.co/2V1FdjW6mj
RT @alanmendoza: Could you imagine if Theresa May had retweeted the Klu Klux Klan? That’s essentially what Donald Trump did today with Brit…
And this year they have cut staff at stations & on trains & reduced service to passengers. Bring back the publicly… https://t.co/7QZX6i6UQi