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Curb children’s use of technology for their own good, urge experts #igen #kidsonline #techgeneration https://t.co/QLbNpLOIxU
Meet the fifty fastest growing tech firms in the UK: Deliveroo, Bloom & Wild and MoveGB top Deloitte Fast 50… https://t.co/lUQXCIp4PX
RT @UNICEFmedia: BREAKING: The internet was never made for #children, yet 1 in 3 users is a child - @UNICEF report explores whether the #di
RT @foreignoffice: Everyone, everywhere, is born equal and free. Retweet if you agree #HumanRightsDay https://t.co/GBckKRoLk7
RT @Pontifex: Political activity must truly be conducted at the service of the human person, with respect for creation and for the common g…
RT @strawblondtv: How can our audiences tell when it’s fake news? James Harding talks with @FirstNewsEditor @WordOnTheCurbUK @joannashields
RT @BBCNewsPR: Earlier @joannashields spoke to @BBCR4Today about fake news and the BBC's new project to help young people identify real new…
RT @Alicebentinck: "We'll be teaching more women to code each year than the whole university system" @amali_d CEO of @CodeFirstGirls on the…
192 suspected paedophiles arrested as police warn of dangers of live-streaming online https://t.co/0lbSMbCc9o
RT @NCA_UK: Offenders like Sam target children online and quickly build trust with them. If you are concerned about online grooming or sex…
RT @foreignoffice: Delighted to announce @KarenPierce22 is moving to @UKUN_NewYork as our new Permanent Representative of the United Kingdo…
Faith + Technology side by side. MareNostrum Spain’s biggest supercomputer is housed in Barcelona’s oldest Catholi… https://t.co/y9p2pPmKkL
Safe smartphone is created to 'prevent tech addiction' among children #digitaldetox #techaddiction #smartphoneshttps://t.co/3czW3PQ0OV