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A lovely evening ahead of a special day for one of us #NotMe https://t.co/LVGARG5p6U
Right, cricket. What’s all this about then ... first time for everything #ENGvPAK https://t.co/2M9nBWVH2i
RT @CACampaigns: "We recognise the sheep sector's immense contribution to rural life, local economies and the iconic landscapes of the diff…
Worth a read alongside the media reports about the House of Lords. It’s not always as simple as it seems and often… https://t.co/sngqTHdcmR
Agreed - a lovely interview with a truly great lady ... https://t.co/036t9ue8xk
An exemplary councillor who has lost out to the Lib Dem surge in SW London. Lots of good news today but not for th… https://t.co/NWiBTon2RO
Worth remembering that the Conservatives have 31% of votes in the House of Lords. If the Lab/LibDem anti-Brexit co… https://t.co/k3BSPGBSqg
Sixty years today since the Life Peerages Act and the first female life peers ... here are some of the current ones… https://t.co/1Ww42OW9vb
RT @SamGyimah: Excellent news. Recruiting 2,500 new prison officers was the biggest challenge I was given as Prisons Minister. Delighted t…
RT @NimkoAli: Sorry to disappoint some of you from the 1970s but the Tories are not what you knew. There are some incredible people committ…
RT @HugosWorkshop: I spent the morning marshalling Maidenhead Easter 10 with our Prime Minister. She stood there in the pouring rain until…
Sad news indeed; she was a stalwart of the House and made me feel very welcome despite not being 'on the same side' https://t.co/7kwOEojLbY