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Peterloo director calls for 1819 massacre to be taught in UK schools. The ⁦@PHMMcr⁩ will be using the anniversary t… https://t.co/4H0nBQfkMy
@Andrew_Adonis @dji45 And no doubt as we speak Liam Fox is already on a plane to Narnia seeking a meeting with the… https://t.co/2nRg3ufgwS
RT @JohnHealey_MP: Nothing in this social housing Green Paper measures up to the scale of the crisis. It's pitiful that while Conservative…
RT @peoplesvote_uk: MUST-WATCH: Actor & Comedian Tracey Ullman plays politicians on TV, but rarely speaks out on politics. But Brexit is…
Good to see the Govt doing a U-turn on forcing councils to sell off higher valued council housing. Labour tried to… https://t.co/lwWfRKQr2R
Back in 2016 Labour peers tried to block Govt plans to end lifetime tenancies for council tenants & forced a retrea… https://t.co/Gz7iQHD8PE
Just had to congratulate the eldest member(aged 59) of #CastingOff an Australian acrobatic troup. A feminist trio… https://t.co/LQjo9oawuS
RT @steverichards14: @MMaureen01 @SteveTheQuip Off Nicholson Street... very central... see you there!
Just watched #Gandini perform ‘8 Songs’ - Brilliant concept with juggling and dance to eight of my more favourite p… https://t.co/bMXLQGjgt3
From Ultimate Bowie to the ultimate Steve Richard’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Politics show - if today’s packed out session is… https://t.co/asBV4HHZjt
Ultimate Bowie makes it to North Berwick to wow the festival faithful. But don’t think #AbsoluteBowie has too much… https://t.co/yWjGY1uEmD
Nothing quite beats a gathering for a #Bowie Tribute Band in North Berwick on a wet Saturday night
RT @LordCFalconer: Portugal decriminalised drugs in 2001. 3 principles: 1. no soft/hard drug distinction, only healthy or unhealthy r/ship…
Boris Johnson is not only a useless politician but a dangerous one as the Guardian reports. ‘An abnormal spike in a… https://t.co/XqrvLslNyG
RT @davidschneider: Welcome to the far right, Boris Johnson. Where the success of a “joke” is measured not by how funny it is but by how ma…
Up at the Edinburgh Fringe - strongly recommend a visit to my friend @steverichards14 Rock ‘N’ Roll Politics 2018.… https://t.co/AHS82m0Cw3
It seems that the #Windrush Generation are still waiting for cases to be resolved after promises they would be sort… https://t.co/2Yt3VQu3Mt
Tory rules say MP’s should “not use their position to bully, abuse, victimise, harass or unlawfully discriminate ag… https://t.co/cJ04i5oe8M