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RT @BigIssue: An M&S spokesperson said: “Nothing justifies this behaviour – it is completely unacceptable." https://t.co/i4JErekxW3
It's good to see that CPA's #ParliForum18 agenda is focussed on how to turn poverty into prosperity… https://t.co/0j591FoR6F
Universal Credit is, in theory, a good idea - but it's time to fully understand how, and why, it isn't working… https://t.co/RFzW9SIN3v
Surely we can move towards a situation where we put #poverty prevention at the centre of all the work we do, in all… https://t.co/F8WCdVqHGb
Starting a social business? Believe in what you want to do, but don't be afraid to change your mind @LBS @BigIssue https://t.co/3psBREbdO8
Tomorrow's the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty - what're we doing to prevent poverty here, at home? https://t.co/WfCvIdEjU2
If people are going to buy stuff, why don’t they buy it through their OWN community rather than the gated community… https://t.co/c2BdUkmUTC
Art isn't just about art, it's about looking, thinking and trying to get beyond the surface of things… https://t.co/ucYCt2I3Cm
RT @mrchrisaddison: Buying from a Social Enterprise is basically buying something you wanted anyway but it benefits the community. Win-very…
RT @jamesmcnamara27: Just ordered my Tucker v Partridge @BigIssue ed by @Aiannucci. Support a great publication by buying a copy here: http…
RT @thevelvetonion: The brilliant @Aiannucci is guest editing @BigIssue this week... and look who's back as a result... https://t.co/bOwV3…
RT @SaraSophieOst: Important message @johnbirdswords “It’s easy to run a biz that is ethical & unsustainable, but what’s the point?" https:…
RT @PioneersPost: As @BigIssue turns '25 + 1', we spoke to @johnbirdswords about a 'social Amazon' trading platform https://t.co/HC6mgih2lf…
RT @bankingonvalues: "In a world of profit maximisation, choosing to direct capital to social outcomes is truly disruptive" | @BigIssue htt…
RT @BigIssue: Make one small change, one BIG impact and buy from a social enterprise today on #SocialSaturday2017 https://t.co/bxZvL5eqLp
RT @BigIssue: Lord John Bird: Why can’t the government create a poverty prevention unit? https://t.co/kM7kM46Pxi
RT @LDNLibraries: Come in, read the paper, browse a bit. Or borrow a book. 127m adult loans in 2015-16 in UK #libraries. #lovelibraries #li