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The Government must lead the way in placing prevention at the forefront - not only to save time and money, but to g… https://t.co/ediTYJ5Dai
We must always provide refuge for women escaping #domesticviolence, but let's try to prevent men from passing on th… https://t.co/9xW0mweD5g
RT @ChildrensComm: Worrying increase in childhood poverty - 30% of children now in poverty after housing costs. https://t.co/GywmJb8ioj
RT @bep: Dope...check out @iamwill featured on the cover of @BigIssue ✊🏽 Now available for purchase in the UK. https://t.co/4d4mKdaWmp
PC Keith Palmer did his best, and died doing his duty, protecting our democratic experiment - thank you, Keith… https://t.co/geMtiKdxfe
Whatever shortcomings you have, whatever your failings, they become a plus if you can fall in love with them - make… https://t.co/kvmHZ2hTxn
Is the media industry (really) a force for good? And if it isn't, what needs to change, and why? Our… https://t.co/95f7OHd9YU
RT @kenny_murray: You should all buy the @BigIssue anyway as it's a top quality magazine with a good ethic. You should definitely buy it th…
Michael's right, people deserve a better deal - and we need to work together to deliver it! https://t.co/AZaAGRXqxT… https://t.co/EW3211o0KU
RT @BigIssue: It's World Poetry Day! The Gardener's Lament, a poem about the continuous struggles of gardeners to overcome the seemingly in…
If we can help to level the playing field for those lantern bearers of civilisation, Britain’s indy bookshops, we w… https://t.co/5TxM0K90WI
RT @BBCRadio4: "I’m more proud of what I’ve read than what I’ve written." Writer and philosopher John Gray on #desertislanddiscs https://…
How many tenants realise that their rental payment history could help them access more affordable credit? And how m… https://t.co/6ZDK5mAdyW
RT @johnbirdswords: What should policymakers and businesses be doing to puncture the poverty premium? Share your experiences and ideas with…
RT @DrDonnaYates: There's a pretty awesome centrefold map of Antiquities Smuggling cases which would look great on your wall. Buy your copy…
We need long-term, preventative investments by Govt to ensure that any further debt reduction isn't simply a damagi… https://t.co/34qUK4NM9c
RT @BigIssue: Ever wondered what it's like to sell The Big Issue? @TBIF's film How hard is it to sell The Big Issue made it to the finals…