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RT @_SEWM: Met lovely Karl aka 'bubble' outside Snow Hill station in Brum & bought latest brill @BigIssue #buysocial @johnbirdswords @Socia
.@UKFinclusion Commission backs @BigIssueInvest-supported scheme that could improve the lives of millions of tenants https://t.co/FbhsqDuhsz
Come to a special exhibition of my original prints @tf_gallery: open for one week only, 25-29 September, 10:00-18:0… https://t.co/LdmiuIq4s0
Can a tea towel save the world? Find out in our special sociable trading special edition, out Monday #socialecho https://t.co/rru3ZoyEHg
RT @BigIssue: Lord John Bird: Why can’t the government create a poverty prevention unit? https://t.co/kM7kM46Pxi
RT @PolicyNorthUK: Fascinating to hear from Lord John Bird, founder of the @BigIssue on how we tackle poverty across the UK at #BigTentIdea
RT @SheffFutures: Last week we proudly hosted @johnbirdswords @lordnickbourne and spoke about our important work with young people in Sheff…
RT @MarioCreatura: One of the biggest missions that Parliament must get a grip on. Impacts so much, but we need practical solutions. #BigTe
Let's lay the foundation for a cognitive democracy of localism, political literacy and democratic empowerment… https://t.co/21kQlt2ZxV
How do we entrench the idea of postponed gratification in children? #BigTentIdeasFest https://t.co/MPuUGBVFS1
RT @alexsmith1982: John Bird: 'Parliament helps get poorer people through the month. But it doesn't *invest* in dismantling poverty.' #BigT
RT @GeorgeTrefgarne: John Bird asks why doesn't the NHS spend more on prevention? #BigTentIdeasFest https://t.co/NydvQ6CHX8
RT @stuartbarrmusic: "We're fixated on getting the poor through the day. It never looks at long-term potential!" Inspirational @johnbirdswo
We need a Prevention Alliance to get to the roots of poverty: a bottom-up all-party long-term plan to invest in pre… https://t.co/eae9SYR8Bu
Why doesn't government work to dismantle poverty? To prevent it? #BigTentIdeasFest https://t.co/uVUYE59xrd
RT @johnbirdswords: What is #socent? It's giving people a chance. It's creating opportunity. It's offering a hand-up, and out, of poverty.…
RT @ThePlatformSE: "Social enterprises realise the first thing you need to give people is hope" @johnbirdswords #SparkSE #Brighton @BigIssu
RT @SaveRedlandLibr: @johnbirdswords #Libraries are platform to help lift the poor out of #poverty. Not only books, but they provide a pla…