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And for the record. I stay as a member of the Labour Party. I stay to fight and fight again for the future of this… https://t.co/x9petswcCf
Diane Abbott Called For Second Referendum 4 Months Ago and Didn't Get Sacked https://t.co/ey6ALavPId via @GuidoFawkes
Of necessity it’s the most lonely place beyond imagining. And it needs to be. We grieve for the absence. We grieve… https://t.co/oyLS7yr3cZ
Precisely the points made by me and others in the debate in the House of Lords yesterday. But sadly not one single… https://t.co/CgSR9rnWY2
RT @peterkyle: I must have just dozed off and had a nightmare that @OwenSmith_MP was sacked for supporting a policy unanimously adopted by…
RT @callicramed: @UniteManufactur @mcashmanCBE Had HMG not privatised HMSO then the UK Government would have been able to manufacture the n…
No! This smacks of narrow brexiteer nationalism. We closed our provider. If the French or another country can do it… https://t.co/Jce1zYrc4u
RT @guyverhofstadt: Instead of throwing dead fish in the Thames, Nigel Farage should have done his job as a member of the fisheries committ…
You gorgeous flatterer, I might quote you on my website. Such elevations of praise, such deeply impressive language… https://t.co/JqDuTayFpC
And of course the role of the DUPD in seeking to support a government pursuing this kind of Brexit. Whilst at the s… https://t.co/LIPyTINJc3
I like Barnier. A good man. I worked with him for 10 years. And he loves the United Kingdom and the British. Sadly… https://t.co/jd5L0UohFh
I don’t think it’s the BBC as an organisation that has decided that, I think it’s slipshod editors, lazy interviewe… https://t.co/vLcSgoojym
I don’t think he weighed in the balance whether he would get away with it, I think he knew he had to say it, and in… https://t.co/wkFhamkei6
Seeing this again today I was deeply offended that this man threw dead fish into the river Thames not yards away fr… https://t.co/V2amrWCx9h
I’m afraid I have given up on most of the BBC news outlets, and it really saddens me as my friends work deep within… https://t.co/IgZqOH46Ky
Now, Rich, you and I often agree. But on this Owen is right and comes at it absolutely from his portfolio of N Irel… https://t.co/mwiEtWa4h4
Oh dear. You have to look at why people across history resorted to violence. Look behind prejudice and examine the… https://t.co/tnwNAVzceG
I’m afraid you need to read the Belfast Good Friday agreement. You need to read the Northern Ireland Act 1998, and… https://t.co/OwlOwmmpF3
This Labour leadership has lost it’s way, it’s ignoring the decisions taken at annual conference on this issue of B… https://t.co/wdGc9AUsLo
You are absolutely right. Brexit is a threat to the peace process in Northern Ireland, threat to the Good Friday Be… https://t.co/dX1MOeaBg4