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Brilliant metaphor for what we will do with this country after the lunatics in this government and some in my party… https://t.co/FX26qnSPEL
I’d love that. I adored your mum. Stay in touch. https://t.co/0ReyR6z2jE
Oh no! I was just there for the afternoon to see the pier. Nige! https://t.co/XcRkbhaWsy
No. I was. Headed back to see Young Frankenstein. C https://t.co/dhJnViYDUl
David Cameron believed in nothing except becoming Prime Minister. If you sacrifice principles for power you have no… https://t.co/HeYvZyYbRP
I don’t blame the people who were convinced to leave the EU. But I hold fully accountable @BorisJohnsonhttps://t.co/SOi1Q16PAV
RT @flashboy: Daily Mail reported (and now deleted) false rumours about the ongoing Oxford Circus incident based on a tweet that’s OVER A W…
Magnificent reconstructed pier at Hastings. And the sun slipping towards sunset. https://t.co/NIm17qdKxK
Beautiful day visiting magnificent new pier. In an instant as I turned from a side glance at the theatre I remember… https://t.co/BPTp413UFF
RT @thomasbrake: Very irresponsible journalism from Brexit press, promoting articles that totally mislead the public (as the journalists sh…
Michael Gove hits out ho social media "corrupts and distorts" political reporting and decision making following row… https://t.co/Txs4MHW9DI
Staggering simplistic nonsense. The ‘EU, its ambitions’, he singularly fails to understand that it’s the decision o… https://t.co/LxWRtgl4Wr
RT @Huge_action: @mcashmanCBE Come on Michael - Leavers have made the generous offer of walking away without settling the bill & repeatedly…
I love the way your prejudice exposes your ignorance. Joyous. Keep on tweeting. Please. https://t.co/7apRXluONo
You never fail to disappoint me in your one sided prejudiced opinions. You fail to understand the realities of the… https://t.co/NLBSPqTc0F
Thank you Sarah for all that you do, the groundbreaking work, and between us we will push ahead. We will progress e… https://t.co/2wzZE6q1mV
Thank you will. I really appreciated that we could all say exactly what we felt. And I left inspired by you all. We… https://t.co/S3OMFbxLvZ
RT @winchcognito: JUST WANNA SAY A MASSIVE THANK YOU to @cnlester @parislees @junodawson & @mcashmanCBE for some truly SMASHING quotes for…