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RT @actforNI: So proud to have the support of Lord @mcashmanCBE, a life-long advocate of gay-rights, in our effort to get the UK Parliament…
RT @Open_Britain: On their 'Brexit Away day' today, the Labour Party leadership should remember that there is no left-wing case for leaving…
I was so proud to be there! Never forget. Never. ‘What’s past, is prologue ‘. https://t.co/QPjlI34Mzr
An IMPORTANT Equality measure for Northern Ireland. Welcome... https://t.co/22HcyoQMbD via @wordpressdotcom
Ask an MEP. Or the European Commission. Or the European Parliament website. Or a pro Eu think tank. https://t.co/KwLUxdpq9H
So agree. Publicly timid privately confident leaders offering nothing but the stale crusts of ’the settled will if… https://t.co/gSSISI2aY2
Wrong. Do not generalise. It weakens argument, in my opinion. There are some lazy meps. Look beyond attendance. Loo… https://t.co/XlG4iQExIc
RT @jonsnowC4: What response is there to Turkey jailing seasoned journalists for life? At least 73 other journalists are in jail awaiting t…
We pay the license fee for when you appear on bbc radio and tv talking about the European Union. Now that is funny.… https://t.co/rbJDP1xkIB
As a Member of the European Parliament both for him and additionally when he allegedly relocated his family to Brus… https://t.co/T7PZZ4juqP
RT @englishVA: Hannan usually has an answer for everything. But strangely reticent when it comes the extent to which he has benefitted pers…
There is no justification. These people are vicious or hurt or so angry about denying the identity and suffering of… https://t.co/6lNLD2Js64
RT @thatginamiller: Well done Femi - reality check: EU rules allow the UK to deport citizens from the EU if they become a burden our welfar…
Ask @DanielJHannan how much he and his family have received in allowances and subsidy since 1999 and he has no answ… https://t.co/Wjzo8Rg0AQ
RT @Dave_R_Curd: Net cost to me of EU membership is less than a tank of petrol a year. For that I get to be part of a great project that al…
You may not have collected a BAFTA but for so many of us, you won. You won. https://t.co/ZiL5bpeUQg
But we haven’t got world class services anymore. Angela you are a star. Keep going. Expose their lies and their ab… https://t.co/huOyHQ66Ow
Keep up the brilliant leadership you are showing and on which @UKLabour needs to act swiftly. https://t.co/LL8JT6UGMH