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Tony Blair. A class act. A first rate leader. And I was privileged to be there. And now we are all lead at best by… https://t.co/yy7s9RsGkz
She is really an Ulster Unionist who supports hunting with dogs and lgbt inequality. And is livid that she was neve… https://t.co/pHO1ZC7AVP
You are so right wing you are border line delusional with your self proclaimed ‘left’. https://t.co/nltxTidQP3
I slightly disagree. Yes he seems unflushable but a t*rd is usually the result of wholesome ingestion and a thoroug… https://t.co/iJfXPGkLXX
Watch this video of abusive evangelical Christian behaviour. https://t.co/OaOgsOhzVZ
‘Back in politics ‘? Then what has he been doing in the European Parliament - apart from claiming his salary, his d… https://t.co/DtL6bequfi
Also Carol-Anne the wee man’s god needs to check his spelling. These people commit the ultimate blasphemy if they b… https://t.co/cJf57uIvYA
A day begins anew elsewhere. The river swells & heads towards the sea. Colours claiming their rights jostle across… https://t.co/QRC01OfpF1
A day begins anew elsewhere. The river swells and heads towards the sea. Colours claiming their rights jostle acros… https://t.co/55mtPHCbyQ
Congratulations due to @UKLabour for decisive action: ‘The former MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire North Jim Sherida… https://t.co/bk9tBYasZI
This headline is as shocking as it is utterly reprehensible. The people who do not want a Labour Party or a Labour… https://t.co/i3x6cEQghm
RT @stonewalluk: The government consultation on reforming the outdated Gender Recognition Act has launched. We want the voices of trans peo…
Couldn’t agree more. And we are still chatting away. We are all friends somehow estranged by life. https://t.co/qFh5sMq8Pp
RT @strebornhoj: Eventbrite | 'Behind Closed Doors' An Exhibition on Food Insecurity in the UK: London https://t.co/pGI3ppmgXP
RT @GeorgeReeves94: Margaret Hodge was born a year before the end of WW2. Her Jewish parents fled Nazi Germany. Yet a bunch of millennial p…
That some people in the Labour Party feel they can attack Jewish people in this way is deeply shameful indeed. That… https://t.co/FwsT7gyfre
Westcliff and Southend I caress the shore as the sea flirts unseen with a seductive tide. At Shoeburyness I marvel… https://t.co/uFodMAEdGM
RT @ThatTimWalker: Here @SirPatStew says in @TheNewEuropean what so many life-long Labour Party supporters are now thinking. https://t.co/H…