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I suggested that we should give Mr Redwood chance to deny claim he advised his readers to move investments from Bre… https://t.co/5zRBWrSf6R
All as a member of the EU - the largest trading group in the world with the best international trading agreements.… https://t.co/dID8E5M73n
RT @MollyMEP: You are so brave and smart, @carolecadwalla Politicians are catching up to dig out the truth, change the law, and give you be…
RT @19thCliberal: Given it is frictionless now, I cannot wait to see what this could look like. https://t.co/sm8WD1p8dy
The original Cadbury family knew what Christmas was about. New owners see it as another selling opportunity. Pity t… https://t.co/aFbQjaPQeZ
Still don't understand how you claim to be partners and creating jobs in UK when you are seeking to destroy jobs in… https://t.co/CIrM8tq19D
Two "ifs" - If it goes ahead and if it's a success.The second if will certainly not occur and Brexiteers are increa… https://t.co/nzSU04m8NY
RT @Anna_Soubry: Thicker skin is not the answer to this posted mins after Telegraph #Mutineers headline. I suggest a responsible media #tol
RT @Anna_Soubry: Offensive & untrue. Please send Sarah your support & see off these #BrexitBullies https://t.co/guexOCxBoB
RT @campbellclaret: Step forward true heroes of the people ... the ones with balls https://t.co/6FUjsnnDXj
He should reply. What's his email? Let's ask him to reply? https://t.co/Pj5NRVmalP
RT @MyStephanomics: @montie Germany doesnt seem to get it either. Up to its neck in EU but growing twice as fast as UK with 35% higher prod…
RT @ThatTimWalker: Brexit is the biggest redistribution of wealth - from the working classes to the super rich - of my lifetime. https://t.…
RT @nickhopkinsonEU: Says a politician who advocates leaving whilst advising his private clients to take money out of UK post #brexit. UK w…
Could this advert be produced by a company that wants to divert attention from its determination to destroy Britis… https://t.co/yJbYdwEfzY
Average fuel bill now £240 lower because energy efficiency means people use less energy. Green costs add £108 to bi… https://t.co/bbWgLkHrMS
Fancy that. Brexiteers aided by Russians to undermine Britain's future and the strength of the free world. So that'… https://t.co/lAeYoxU5KM