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So grateful to MRC and @netflix for saving @HouseofCards. My baby now 30 years old, proud father. Brilliant TV from… https://t.co/ZDlaowM1Sb
Overjoyed @HouseofCards. Predict next episode with. @RealRobinWright could be most watched in TV history.
So sorry to have missed. In my thoughts at 11.00 this morning. We will remember them, and what they gave for us. https://t.co/cjHIfK0FFn
A Chief Whip rises in Westminster as another falls in DC. Never seems to be a shortage. FU lives on. @GavinWilliamson @HouseofCards
Final day as VisitingProf @FletcherSchool @TuftsUniversity. Learnt more than I’ve taught. Brilliant time at #HouseofTufts. Thank you!
Wrote @HouseofCards 30 years ago. Been joyous journey till now. MRC/Netflix absolutely right to set highest standards. Heartbroken.
Early start on way to #emmys2017. Fifth glorious year for @HouseofCards. Wrote it 30 years ago. What an adventure. https://t.co/vy7SFbCOil
And we finished 90 seconds before time. Trust you get your discount. https://t.co/1VqM5L3sMZ
We're you on the Naughty Table? What have you done to my legs? https://t.co/DWybHIOEbX
Huge fun beside Thames at @CIPR_UK lunch today. True professionals. Had fun with 3 Lib-Dem peers and one great audi… https://t.co/ybAfOzUd6B
Looking forward to it, too. Thanks for invitation. Let's hope the sun shines and the mice take a day off. https://t.co/scfIjQIKGJ
Too kind. Big Bad Brussels. Wonder if President Juncker has read it??? https://t.co/4oM60lilbV
Thank you! Loved writing the #HarryJones novels. Still working on his future. https://t.co/EDHdQsqh3t
Great Lithuanuan service at Auld Jock's Pie Shoppe in Edinburgh. Another @edfringe delight. Europe unites in laughter and pies!
Sad news. RH one of finest film portrayals of Winston Churchill. Where he led, many now follow, but few so well. https://t.co/SqCn6CVGUc
Just back home after three weeks abroad. Perhaps catch up later? https://t.co/3d2AfnpxzF
Portraits brilliant. Much better looking than the guy in the middle. https://t.co/UltXm3xW8L