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Thank you for warning me about the Jews. I’ll certainly keep an eye out for them. They sound terrible. https://t.co/GWlhSxjo9b
RT @DPJHodges: The leader of the Labour party was a member of a closed Facebook group that posted links to neo-Nazi propaganda and promoted…
RT @pressfreedom: Egyptian prosecutors seek death sentence for photographer #Shawkan via @RSF_en #egypt https://t.co/UkAGANLV0w
RT @mikeysmith: Very much enjoying Jeremy Corbyn mansplaining Theresa May’s mansplaining joke. “Actually…” https://t.co/IqfH7z82Rz
RT @Leeparker_tv: Love Frank Lampard’s punditry. Everything he says is so eloquent and relevant. A brilliant footballing brain
RT @wienerlibrary: Tonight we were joined by Noemie Lopian, @Dannythefink & @bbcnickrobinson who discussed Holocaust education, denial & th…
I provided a little foretaste of the sort of adult I’d be when I was reading Melody Maker at the height of punk. https://t.co/r7WBxwBHHf
RT @marinamaral2: Anne Frank’s father Otto, revisiting the attic where they hid from the Nazis. He was the only surviving family member; 19…
RT @MEMRIReports: Egyptian TV Host Kicks Atheist Out of Studio, Recommending Psychiatric Treatment https://t.co/tXFyj9GF85
RT @jamiesusskind: Fifteen years ago, my dad @richardsusskind was looking for a good present to get me for my Bar Mitzvah.
While reading the riveting stories about Max Mosley I was reminded of this piece by Melissa Benn, about his relatio… https://t.co/2sIuQmI3zZ
RT @ChrisGiles_: Quite remarkable the recent improvement. Not even HMT realised https://t.co/gnjsf2nB16 via @financialtimes
A further acknowledgement @OwenJones84 You said won’t be necessary rather than should be ended and I should have put my question like that.
@OwenJones84 Please note the further tweet, since my first question might be ambiguous without it!
Just to probe this a little, Owen, do you mean charitable aid in developing countries? Or literally all charities s… https://t.co/3AwqWOEkOz