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RT @UnitedOddsocks: We're so excited that our super sister brand Cockney Spaniel has been shortlisted for Gift of the Year! #oddlydifferent
That’s nothing I saw Baroness Tani Grey Thompson DBE refused acces to a train before the barriers were closed beca… https://t.co/35iGz70Eq1
They were practicing for the 11.25 today to London, cancelled. 11.43, 20 minutes late in reverse in a freezing Stoc… https://t.co/jMYp8FmaaK
Come on Cheesey more texts some of us are trapped on a Virgin train trying to get home @IanCheeseman https://t.co/f7QBnPYUlZ
RT @Morris__Bright: My wife refuses to believe anyone else sits down studiously with the festive fortnight @RadioTimes and uses highlighter…
Just onto Stockport Station to London, bought a paper from the shop and lady said to the manager we have run out of… https://t.co/2UogcKwTsW
RT @Church_of_MCFC: Juventus vs Spurs Basel vs Man City 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Morning John, the tie and scarf on today for London, by the way is parody near Salford ? https://t.co/7OPKSznX9f
City 2 Man Utd 1 no words are needed lads @woyonp @FrannyLee7 @Joanne_Lake @Paul_Lake utterly brilliant day. We lov… https://t.co/JrDb4v9utL
RT @City_Chief: Graeme Souness on City: “Gulf in class. No one comes here (Old Trafford) and has an easy ride so don’t underestimate that.…
The derby has taken it out of the kitties, or the fire, can’t make my mind up. City won by the way 2-1. https://t.co/VnoDpAnsue
Can I apologise to Paul Merson, Richard Keyes, Alan Brazil, all at @talkSPORT all the BBC commentators, the entire… https://t.co/Uqc3A0T0NQ
And her name, spelt correctly is already engraved on the glitter ball. https://t.co/7YZ22AlOm4
RT @andyru73: @bbcstrictly how about next year you pick celebs with absolutely NO dancing experience? #StrictlyComeDancing2017 #Strictly #S…
And Shirley has to point out Mollys mistake just in case we missed it. @SCDSpoilers
So it’s Molly v Gemma in the dance off and judges save Molly. You heard it 24 hours early. #scd #Strictly2017 #strictly
So Alexander gets 7 tens and 1 nine, come on folks put her in the dance off, for the sake of democracy. On second t… https://t.co/kDUAq80jqk
RT @TrevorGoddard5: @davegoddardsk2 Sadly this year SCD has turned a corner, just like the X factor it’s putting its own self importance &…
How olds Debbie, not said it yet, ooppps there is goes I’m nearly 60.... #scd #StrictlyComeDancing2017 #Strictly2017