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Good to see 12 members of the Congolese militia convicted of rape. Those who commit atrocities should not be immune… https://t.co/pEY3nB8Rpn
'Mrs May has gained a sure footing for an EU deal, now let's build on it.' Read my latest @Telegraph article. https://t.co/QneSrCjhgl
‘Nato can become the global military leader in how to prevent and respond to sexual violence in conflict’ - excelle… https://t.co/LrqcxFRK86
'Ireland is miscalculating by asking the impossible of Britain. But there is a way out of this Brexit impasse.' rea… https://t.co/v8M9yAPmaI
The best way to promote democracy around the world will be to become an inspiring example of it ourselves. Read my… https://t.co/V2bOmrCvnz
What should happen next to break the deadlock with the EU. My latest article @Telegraph https://t.co/lZbcU2t8q2
'A sense of focus can see this Government out of the storm' my latest article @Telegraph https://t.co/DtSCkhrDXw
I have just opened the @united4wildlife transportation taskforce meeting at Lancaster House. Bringing private enter… https://t.co/QvheS84nS8
'Aborting Brexit would be a calamity for Britain and its political system'. My latest article @Telegraph https://t.co/AtPNGuv0Zd
"Wild animals belong in the wild, and ivory is not beautiful unless on the tusk of a living animal". Important call… https://t.co/tzc0WxqXG1
'It would be disastrous for Trump to turn his back on Iran's nuclear deal.' my latest article @Telegraph https://t.co/laY3ohTBrR
UK's action today on closing the domestic ivory market is an example to the world. Showing global leadership on the #iwt #ivoryban
I welcome the Government's action on closing the domestic ivory market. Strong action by @michaelgove & @DefraGovUK #stopivory #iwt
'The Conservative Party must embrace radicalism to renew itself once more' my latest article @Telegraph https://t.co/Hs3u1CKuzE
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'Come on, Aung San Suu Kyi, there is no defence for mass murder' my lastest article @Telegraph https://t.co/mH9Xqv7KuE
'China alone can halt the progress of North Korea's nuclear programme' My latest article @Telegraph https://t.co/bMNjulK0Lj
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'Central bankers must tame the easy money monster they created' My latest article @Telegraph https://t.co/jzkB2sT9YI