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Robin Cook told me that only GB could stop TB invading Iraq but refused to do so to avoid destabilising Government https://t.co/fLgDV3gGw2
#BryanCranston is breathtaking in Ivo van Hove’s outstanding rework of #Network.Moral bankruptcy on live tv.
#Jeremy and #Keir working well to deliver Brexit for the whole UK to protect economy, jobs and rights.May’s priority is Tory fanatics not UK
RT @Robert___Harris: Brexiteers are sounding increasingly like Marxists: the theory is perfect, it just hasn't been implemented properly...
Worth waiting 35 years for #BladeRunner2049. Stunning visually,brilliant performances and gripping story.Thrilling and intense in 3D on IMAX
#UBER now wants to be fit and proper and comply with #TfL's regs.Will its 822k supporters urge it not to dodge VAT and pay its fair share?
#TfL right to hold #UBER to account.Innovators boost competition but they must comply with rules to protect public… https://t.co/EdcZYfWmAS
#KarenBradley minded to refer #SKYFOX to CMA on potential breach of broadcasting standards and media share. Welcome contrast to dozy #OFCOM
#hold on I'm coming brilliant #Stax PromwithJools,TomJones,BookerT,BeverlyKnight,EddieFloyd,SamMoore,WilliamBell,GreenOnions, DockoftheBay
RT @BBCFrontRow: On air: @juliehes talks to @abbyhollick about her love for Manchester and the artworks she's #Hooked on https://t.co/1wgRi…
Arlott, Johners, Blowers...Who will be the next voice of summer? #TMS
The inept leader of RBK&C, Nick Paget-Brown must follow his CEO's example and resign.Our borough needs fresh, uncompromised leadership
RT @openDemocracy: Tories spend election smearing Corbyn for links to Irish terrorists. Now their only hope of government relies on...? htt…
RT @Bynickdavies: A big bloody nose for the cynical liars who disgrace their profession on Daily Mail, Sun, Express. The world's worst news…
BIg thanks to young voters.72% of 18- 25 yr olds vote to reject Tory austerity and force a sensible soft Brexit.Corbyn triumphs.#GE2017
A massive and emotional two fingers to the cowardly terrorists #OneLoveManchester
Deny #almightyMay a landslide and a blank cheque to agree a #hardBrexit.Vote for your local Labour candidate in #GE17 to hold her to account