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RT @DMiliband: Despite bipartisan success of the refugee resettlement program, it is being slowly & silently strangled. It’s no exaggeratio…
Sensible realism from Juliet Samuel @CitySamuel today. The strikes on Syria show Assad and others that deploying ch… https://t.co/AxxM7pRDYq
The nesting rooks and the jackdaws are brilliantly set off in the garden by the goldfinches and a proud and strutti… https://t.co/VNF7oMDZHx
RT @campaignforleo: The best way of honouring the Good Friday Agreement, signed 20 years ago today, is by continuing in the same spirit of…
Rows between the UK and Ireland - today’s Times- are the saddest and perhaps most serious of Brexit’s consequences.… https://t.co/K0GcYknUL3
A blackbird singing at dawn today reminds me of the Tristram’s grackles’ haunting cry on Masada some 40 years ago,… https://t.co/BXtb2rIj31
Saw three emus in a rather small enclosure in Todmorden, West Yorkshire yesterday...I think they would be happier i… https://t.co/d0ELsO8iCC
In Skipton today I bought the programme for Nottingham Forest’s FA cup final win against Luton Town on 3 May 1959.… https://t.co/yJAIYRaPMR
I completely agree...the closer you get to the centre of power, the more you realise how diffuse it is - at least i… https://t.co/lXTWm6JNA2
Two mallards, a pheasant, a pair of courting robins in the garden, great tits, blue tits and coal tits, blackbirds… https://t.co/JpPQUIYLm0
At nearly midnight the Little Owl stood in the middle of the narrow road from Swyncombe to Ewelme, caught in the ca… https://t.co/T823XJb7LU
Around 65 rooks’ nests in the trees in our and the Manor gardens. Noisy activity in the warm sun yesterday and then… https://t.co/7z5bbre7BW
Another sobering briefing from RSPB @Natures_Voice about illegal bird trapping in Cyprus, including the Sovereign B… https://t.co/PFmHDUt9kp
Serious discussion at Lords EU Committee meeting today with Rob Wainwright, Director of Europol. Brexit will mean l… https://t.co/JgMbW1hrPI
The snow has gone, the temperature is rising and light rain falling. The rooks have returned to nest building, taki… https://t.co/ikApil3iIj
Minus 5 and snowing in Ewelme. The birds’ only interest is finding food. Small flocks of fieldfares and redwings, o… https://t.co/Fgm4yvTtNo
Jacob Rees-Mogg talks of “most aggressive” whipping at the time of the Maastricht bill. To my recollection, the Wh… https://t.co/XFLt0s4jD0
Excellent EUCommittee meeting today with Brendon Batson @PPFplayers James Allen @sportrectweets and Angus Bujalski… https://t.co/49US4m49Vd
Excellent meeting this morning with Jack Norquoy @orkneyMSYP and Laura Pasternak of the Scottish Youth Parliament… https://t.co/9N9tN25tUV