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I don’t understand the @BorisJohnson argument that only alone can Britain be great. I am hugely proud of a father a… https://t.co/lruT4xd4eQ
And not just trade...if undertakings given to EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU appeared to be - or w… https://t.co/riiPSXMJpA
And now we do have a chance of getting a foreign policy..
Let’s hope we can now have a Foreign Policy....
A young wren caught in the fruit cage. Its parent, anxious and noisy, clinging to the outside of the netting. It en… https://t.co/wjJOrvyqSy
A good debate in the Lords last night on the EU after Brexit. But how on earth do we get to Brexit with Ministers… https://t.co/UO3oIN505h
Little owls calling in the garden last night. A green woodpecker this morning noisily teaching its young to look fo… https://t.co/W8L0fdElXq
The Oxfordshire air was alive this morning...a song thrush and blackbird duet in the ash trees, wood pigeons cooing… https://t.co/Qpl2RIbd9B
Above the fields beside the tracks from Ewelme to the Red Lion in Britwell Salome, the larks were singing. A yellow… https://t.co/qZJQZiAvoy
And, of course, it means America is British.... https://t.co/j0wezxnd2o
Sir Julian King, the British EU commissioner, told the Lords EU Committee this morning that security cooperation af… https://t.co/XhYYkPZ2TC
Amid the families of blue tits, great tits, goldfinches and robins, and the songs of blackbirds and thrushes and th… https://t.co/5ApqsZ6xse
I was asked on NBC yesterday if Boris Johnson was right to say the Irish border had been exaggerated as a Brexit pr… https://t.co/qm1ro1C3Gi
The spotted flycatchers have arrived in the village. Honey bees and bumble bees in the sage...all ready for the gar… https://t.co/g4w6XfscQv
The PSNI’s decision to halt the sale of three police stations on the Border is a chilling reminder of just how seri… https://t.co/7YMo4Z55kg
The swifts are nesting in the Almshouses, a family of goldfinches plays in the crabapple tree and hidden among the… https://t.co/lkqibbgK11
RT @SimonFraser00: Fortunately no need to comment on Foreign Secretary’s views here as the facts below speak for themselves....(though his…