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Austria. Old habits die hard. Or never at all.
I’m not much of a cricket fan, but could somebody tell me the purpose of Alistair Cooke?
RT @DanielSeidemann: My ailing father - 93 years old, a victim & defeater of Nazism, a right-wing Orthodox Jew - was asked by the physician…
72 snow flakes and Heathrow cancels 25% of flights. Haven’t we been here before.l? It’s winter. It snows. It’s gross mismanagement.
Had you Googled ‘what is the capital of Israel’ a year ago and if today you Google the same question, you will get same answer.
Just Google the following: what is the capital of Israel?
The world will huff and puff over Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem. The world will do nothing. There are bigger issues in Mid-East
Lots of press about Darkest Hour and Post. I’ve seen both movies. Spectacular. Also Molly Bloom and Three Billboards. Good year for films
Bitcoin. Crocus bulbs. You know how it’s going to end. It’s pass the parcel.
Who chose London to be England’s capital city? We did. How would we feel if France set up its embassy in Manchester?
Just to prove that even in Israel there is negative reaction to Trump's decision. Haaretz is the country's leading… https://t.co/PQT2qjJLqe
Not even in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to see this. https://t.co/pR5EGtQTCz
You know what will happen over US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital? Precious little. Nasty truth is mo… https://t.co/8rZD9qsVxw
Every country in the world has a capital city. If Jerusalem is not Israel’s, tell me please where is?
This is what investigative journalism is all about. Weinstein’s Complicity Machine https://t.co/q91tdRckLR
In any mid-East two state solution talks Jerusalem would be the final make or break issue. Maybe dealing with it head on is not so stupid.
Brexit or no Brexit - major tech companies are investing massive amounts in London. F/Book, Apple, Google, Amazon
Certainly never thought I’d say this, but Emily Thornberry is looking very impressive. She decimated Green at PMQs yesterday.
Never thought I’d say this but bravo Sajid Javid on his tweet on the unspeakable Trump
Google You Owe Us taking Google to court for illegally taking personal information off our iPhones. Outrageous beha… https://t.co/IjpxgRsI0i