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Like #Trump, #VoteLeave play fast & loose with the truth. No wonder they're mutual fans. Only a few weeks to come t… https://t.co/GVAif6GaJM
Recruitment survey says almost 50% of UK workers worried they'll be unable to work in EU after #Brexit. Bad for bus… https://t.co/P5w3AC1Fk0
People’s vote is coming folks. Will will stop #Brexit @FBPE Labour’s logical choice is a people’s vote https://t.co/uJAGexk28c
RT @BestForBritain: IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: England legend @GaryLineker hits the sweet spot again by backing a #peoplesvote on the final B…
TM now clinging on until the summer recess with #Brexit & Tories falling apart. This is not a government, it is a… https://t.co/sArgsVVxLQ
RT @ChukaUmunna: BREAKING: following Trump’s visit and in light of Brexit, a new poll shows an overwhelming majority of the public believe…
Support for #PeoplesVote growing daily as polls show govt seen as incompetent & business moving to #EU due to… https://t.co/Hr28NtLNcQ
Only good thing from #Trump visit is he has shown prospect of post-Brexit trade deal to be a delusion. Will the faw… https://t.co/LDQZAGGG0Y
City confirms it is accelerating job moves to EU following White Paper proposals. Wave goodbye to v large tax payme… https://t.co/4uFAdeizKO
RT @Tituca: Brexit creating jobs in Brussels. Will of the people. https://t.co/heH8toCxQZ
This is the only instance I can recall that an official visit by the leader of our closest military ally manages to… https://t.co/0mbiQb1iUc
Another Brexiteer promise bites the dust! Chequers plan rules out Indian trade deal https://t.co/gHYDxhpyum
A damning new YouGov poll for The Times shows that 75% think that TM is making a mess of #Brexit, the highest it ha… https://t.co/Q8dZl71AJP
Gvt casts the City adrift. How many well-paid jobs and how much tax revenue will be lost? New Brexit plan will dro… https://t.co/Sn55yiAxUA
TM hoping #Brexit fiasco diverted by World Cup & Trump visit. 1 has country saying “it’s coming home”, the other mo… https://t.co/b3t8qlLYqx
While govt consumed by infighting, the country’s infrastructure crumbles. IPA, the org responsible for building inf… https://t.co/PEOrGrhq9K
RT @InFactsOrg: The gov’t is stockpiling food to keep the food and drinks industry afloat in the event of a no-deal scenario. Read it aga…
#Brexit was always based on lies & so undeliverable. Tory ministers who peddled fantasy now exposed as self-serving… https://t.co/JF3S9galjf
We have a PM who promised strong and stable & has lost 10 ministers, lost her majority, lost her advisors & lost an… https://t.co/w2G5MebuxW