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RT @LGANews: Council prevention programmes have reduced the number of falls by a third and produced a financial return of more than £3 for…
Thanks Denise I am, and so long as the politicans don't b...er thejob up hopefully we never will https://t.co/EdOKPiyoc2
Thanks John, it wasn't anyone's fault for the delay, just stuff. Erica (surname withheld at her request) at MOD wa… https://t.co/sXMe23Uqcb
And women, so many people put into situations that you can only be glad that us and our kids never had to experienc… https://t.co/nl1TXAhewb
Thanks Tom, yes I am. Not sure I could have been as hard as he was at 18 and as so many others of his generation w… https://t.co/9x1ft8GLfr
Hi yes if you want, but he moved back up to the North East last year. https://t.co/nHX5qYoAyA
Thanks Malcolm, I did say you could save the postage and pick it up while you were there! https://t.co/Gl7I2lsSU9
Thanks James, this on top of getting his Ushakov Arctic Convoy medal a couple of years ago we are all made up. https://t.co/6gUYA4lhRt