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RT @mcallisterfilms: Nia got a call from @johnprescott to say he’ll be coming for the Hull opening of @northernsouldoc in Middleton Hall 19…
The Tory whips are forcing sick people to do this. Lower than vermin. https://t.co/Nie1YbmGG1
In all my years in Parliament - even in the 1970s - I have NEVER seen this. This is absolutely bloody shameful. I… https://t.co/thmLLmaqGL
RT @OwenJones84: They said Labour Live wouldn’t work. They sneered at it. They mocked it. Thousands came, listened to music, heard speeche…
RT @Afzal4Gorton: I have written to @BrandonLewis about today's report by Buzzfeed that @bbradleymp defended a councillor accused of Islamo…
So @BrandonLewis, if you are serious about tackling Tory Islamophobia will you kick out Councillor Murphy & discipl… https://t.co/shlEnDdXqK
Another excellent book and a worthy follow-up to the Headscarf Revoltt. Thanks @brianlavery59 https://t.co/gFf3TFoTcK
I take it the £3m from Google and Uber hasn’t cleared yet then? #splashforcash https://t.co/km5sEQFtpW
Thanks for the 80th birthday wishes. Enjoying my present, a record player listening to my old jazz records. https://t.co/1Fbh5zCU1B
Hi @George_Osborne. This story’s a belter. Are you going to splash on it today in the Evening Standard? Happy to pr… https://t.co/H8s2Nox0vO
RT @jeremycorbyn: A year since the Manchester Arena terror attack, we think of the 22 people who were killed, their loved ones, the injured…