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Cambridge Analytica and Facebook accused of misleading MPs over data breach https://t.co/M1wwKs7wbK
RT @haveigotnews: Breaking: First Russian diplomat expelled from the UK: https://t.co/78xmLzO5no
We're supporting No Smoking Day - there are more ways to quit than ever before! Search NHS Smokefree today. https://t.co/HHqXyJ463d
Local Liberal Democrats join leading charities to condemn Bromley voter ID pilot https://t.co/3ZiA4ttlMu via @libdemvoice @electoralreform
Sad day, especially for those of us from Liverpool. Sir Ken Dodd brought people much happiness and that was one of… https://t.co/ZPcFKVuQOH
@SarahLudford @politicgem Anita Anand is excellent doing Any Answers and could do either job...
RT @BitebackPub: Whether it's political campaigning you're into, the realities of life in a coalition government, or a history of British L…
RT @markpack: Outrageous: Conservatives vote to keep mystery Euro referendum donation secret https://t.co/1TKJypABQp #DodgyBrexitCash
RT @StephenRW01: Another history blog for #libdemsat30 this one on the importance of parliamentary by elections to our fortunes https://t.…
It is 30 years today since the Liberal Democrats were formed. Many memories in this BBC video including the day wh… https://t.co/U01NgKFf9u
I asked a question in the House of Lords yesterday pressing the case for Minimum Unit Pricing in England. A commit… https://t.co/JnyavXnAFT
RT @InstAlcStud: Lord Rennard: Delays to minimum alcohol pricing cost 65 lives a day https://t.co/l1ZVclGgLv via @PoliticsHome @UK_AHA @Bri
RT @Independent: The Florida student spearheading the gun debate in the US now has more followers than the NRA https://t.co/Y75otW33mo
RT @IainDale: This is one of the most remarkable books I have published at @BitebackPub. Anyone wishing to understand the rise of the LibDe…