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RT @ABCReligion: "Humility is more than just a virtue: it is a form of perception, a language in which the 'I' is silent so that I can hear…
ICYMI: Remember that you can download Rabbi Sacks' free iTunes podcast where you will be able to listen to his week… https://t.co/n0frN1hMiW
Here is this week's life-changing idea from my Covenant & Conversation essay for parsha #Korach on 'The First Popul… https://t.co/Qi1tKFNmXX
The above meant to say George Carey (not Rowan Williams).
RT @TechnionLive: הטכניון העניק השבוע תוארי "דוקטור לשם כבוד" לתשעה אישים, נשיא הטכניון פרופ' לביא הודה להם על תרומתם העצומה: "כל אחד מכם ת…
Years ago, Rowan Williams & I were invited to have our first ecumenical gathering at Highbury to watch @Arsenal vs… https://t.co/Owt6l3iBRg
"We need both: science to understand the universe, and religion to guide our way within it, from the world as it is… https://t.co/4Q8GnrA9lz
'The First Populist'| Korach, Covenant & Conversation 5778 on Life-Changing Ideas in the Parsha - https://t.co/hNxr6LuH2R
RT @TechnionUSA: Astute quote from @rabbisacks' #Technion Honorary Doctorate Award acceptance speech #TechnionBOG #science #religion #Study
RT @TempletonPrize: Who will win the #TempletonPrize2018? To be announced Wed June 27 at https://t.co/XZlk9fAmGb. Watch 2016 Laureate Rabbi…
...Science tells us what is, religion tells us what ought to be. Science describes; religion inspires, beckons, cal… https://t.co/kXWAD1sfZE
"Science is about explanation, religion is about interpretation. Science analyses, religion integrates. Science bre… https://t.co/Z3qiKS8J2U
For those interested, the lecture begins after the introductions at 20:30... https://t.co/3GACHj8Z0B
RT @JewishNewsUK: .@rabbisacks ​ has praised #science and #religion as “the great partnership our world needs” as he was awarded an honoura…
RT @OrthodoxUnion: Is there a conflict between science and religion? Watch @rabbisacks new whiteboard animation on 'The Great Partnership'…
"Science takes things apart to see how they work. Religion puts things together to see what they mean. And we need… https://t.co/E9e2smvm0O
Here is this week's life-changing idea from my Covenant & Conversation essay for parsha #ShelachLecha on 'Seeing Wh… https://t.co/fFh8T3E4Gp