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That's strange as copied from the site! I didn't get answers other than come down to the Police Station for a chat! https://t.co/jXZ7sLJngl
Thank you David. Party tribalism not an issue here I am sure you agree. Getting the truth is. https://t.co/AUOBzONEXa
David I support the Police. What I don't support is the heavy handed OTT policing of tree felling that the Managme… https://t.co/Tp4gETGQka
RT @JayMitchinson: Terrible media. Uncovering facts. Exposing motivations. Standing up for people. Holding those in power to account. Inves…
So even though I haven't yet received the reply yet the @syptweet think they can put this all behind closed doors.… https://t.co/wCRhPr4Eqr
I agree totally. All the answers aren't out in the public domain. You would think @syptweet are trying to hide som… https://t.co/4QmSLpWsLf
That is why the Managment Culture @syptweet is losing the trust and confidence of the public . But they will be hel… https://t.co/PxXcf59Ymr
Its more than shameful its a bloody diagrace and abuse of power. @syptweet think they above the law. They will be… https://t.co/3iVlICtqh8
They haven't even sent me the reply yet? Rather a strange way to be invited to discuss issues. https://t.co/vHkVNDDLRh
One step at a time. I need to see what the reply is first https://t.co/9jBTBys9Lo
Can I full details please. I will write to the Chief Constable. https://t.co/cPT4MY8IYI
This is a vety interesting read abe really opens up @SheffCouncil and @sccstreetsahead to some very serious questio… https://t.co/yYARXmcxQW
RT @nostumpcity: @Paulscriven @syptweet @PaulScriven, we're grateful for your attention to this matter which troubles all of us trying to #…
No thanks needed. These questions need asking but more importantly answering! https://t.co/SDGMRGeoSb
Thank you David. Sheffield citizens deserve real answers https://t.co/2Pcj4E1i9w
RT @rawkus_marcus: @syptweet Why are you letting operatives from Sheffield City Council and Amey into your control room? Both have priors…
Lord Scriven demands answers from South Yorkshire Police Chief Constable over city's tree-felling works https://t.co/ThsXW4rr2w