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Tonight bears out an eternal electoral truth: Britain really hates divided governments. https://t.co/DbhSv7afiQ
Brings to mind Winston Churchill's inspirational quote on getting through tough times: "Success is not final. Failu… https://t.co/qUmcWCS2zS
Here’s the problem with Theresa May’s daily Houdini act to stay in office by sunset, her constant U-turning, her ca… https://t.co/VZvV9ZlX6X
And now the Government is surviving by trying to suspend Parliament early. These really are desperate times. https://t.co/XjuXFb0sqC
To keep her party together today, Theresa May has driven a coach & horses through the Chequers deal she brokered to… https://t.co/CdF02B5lSb
It must be because Trump is pressing Putin hard on the use of a chemical weapon in Salisbury, no? #Novichok https://t.co/Q7hCH25lf9
German diplomacy added the word “completely” https://t.co/bxwsKZ1mwu
And the PM’s #Brexit strategy relies on splitting Labour. She will dare Labour MPs to oppose her deal, whatever it… https://t.co/cuicprj68Q
“Now I will believe that there are unicorns” (William Shakespeare, “The Tempest”) https://t.co/f4DjRzRYUF
#Postfußballweltmeisterschaftlustlosigkeitundtraurigkeit - I've got it already, in a big way #WorldCup
Farewell & thank you to the greatest #WorldCup of my lifetime. You were magnificent.
I advise President Macron to have this picture on the front of all his campaign literature when he runs for re-elec… https://t.co/SNAYnRUTCU
Good of Donald Trump to treat @piersmorgan to a slice of the stand-up routine he's preparing for his post-Presidenc… https://t.co/xeugZzUXAr
Theresa May's tough message to Tory Brexiteers: "My Deal or get ready for No Brexit" Theresa May's tough message t… https://t.co/FidedEya47
t was an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini https://t.co/6ZnNH7vFEh
England have lost three times in Russia, more games than they have lost in any other #WorldCup Finals. How odd.
“I worked all through the winter The weather brass & bitter I put away a tenner Each week to make her better And wh… https://t.co/Bd3E5TzZRQ