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I so loved recording my very first podcast and excitingly thinking of my next one which I promise will come… https://t.co/eHqPoYcZ31
RT @DavidLammy: We don't live in a meritocracy, we live in a chumocracy. https://t.co/ZZrrQAIzYl
RT @George_Osborne: Quite right: There’s another thing such a party will also become, and soon: the opposition https://t.co/8IY8chfpab
RT @Freedland: "Like many showy personalities, he is of weak character. I recently suggested to a radio audience that he supposes himself t…
This is so true. So far Boris Johnson for PM is straight from the Gordon Brown playbook. I thought they had been p… https://t.co/ABw2TNQNmY
RT @HeathbrookPri: Get ready for “SNAIL RACING!!!!” Join us at our Summer Fair this Saturday from 1 to 4pm. https://t.co/u5jfDGpnet
RT @orchid_b: @GreenJennyJones My daughter teaches & organises music in Dorchester if you would like feedback or suggestions! Coming up so…
Anyone know best book on the collaboration of German churches with Hitler & denazification of the churches after 45… https://t.co/6qzpxLYgiW
Anyone know best book on the collaboration of German churches with Hitler & denaizification of the churches after 4… https://t.co/HLjajB39El
RT @Dontlookback198: Some of the amazing people attending my conference.. Wales First Survivor led Domestic Abuse Conference for Survivors…
RT @FDSD_org: A future without poverty— We have to take on the whole responsibility for tomorrow and re-engineer it before it happens | @jo
RT @andre_spicer: Humans are prone to over-imitation. When faced with a puzzle, 4 year-olds copy all sorts of un-necessary actions they see…
RT @seismo_steve: Check out this newly published paper by @sebacarquake on the 2015 magnitude 8.4 Illapel, Chile earthquake, which I had th…
RT @GavinBarwell: In which @rogerhelmermep argues that it is the fault of *black people* that racism persists https://t.co/SdDw1NqpLD
RT @mimsdavies: 👏Really welcome👇thank you @michaelgove as a coeliac still struggle to know whats suitable-have managing it for well over 15…
Erdogan’s illegal drilling for gas off Cyprus, & his purchase of Russian missile systems to snub to NATO, need to b… https://t.co/cdM7fcmuGX
Delighted to be working with EY and @Guardtime to deliver an end to end framework for outcomes based reimbursement… https://t.co/c8TZcrPvw0
RT @iealondon: The Online Harms White Paper threatens free speech, says the IEA's @DarrenGrimes_, while also entrenching the position of te…