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Looking forward to working with colleagues in Sofia on supply chain transparency, forced/exploitative labour & legi… https://t.co/XHqpsHcdzr
The Home Office comes under fire yet again as @guardiannews reveals the squalid conditions suffered by asylum seeke… https://t.co/f8CBDKbFhH
THREAD: HS2 review is about as stupid as you can get & screws Birmingham & the North. Classic Johnson. It throws pr… https://t.co/OfjZjQe10k
RT @TheSOPSLawyer: Launch of this new service with our partners @agescotland kicked off with an interview at @NHSForthValley @RadioRoyal. h…
RT @DougBannatyne: I feel quite strongly that there must come a point when a close advisory referendum 3 years ago based on undeliverable…
RT @ChukaUmunna: Government is flailing from one crisis to the next when it comes to No Deal Brexit preparations. It was only after the la…
Tusk can't tell us about democracy. His Poland is under investigation by the EU for breaching rule of law, interfer… https://t.co/q4p8sNw6pH
RT @alfonslopeztena: 4 million mostly Muslim people in India are about to be stateless. It would quickly become the largest crisis of state…
“The BJP is flush with power after the last election – but seeking to marginalize India's 177 million Muslims from… https://t.co/aCASgmPmTT
Raising State Pension Age to 75 rapidly would be major social injustice. My new column for New Statesman… https://t.co/OgvEeroAgZ
This morning I've been meeting the fantastic #Yazidi and #Kurdish doctors, nurses and women health volunteers who w… https://t.co/MvddYSSKaP
Praise God for Nigeria’s successful effort to eradicate polio. A triumph for the country, a deliverance for the poo… https://t.co/sQFZlacTwR
By the end of the day, 50 children in the UK alone will have been exposed to online sexual abuse. Strong interfaith… https://t.co/taGjEyG27k
RT @LordRennard: @SamRakestrow And Labour refused to hold referendum on electoral reform - even though it was in their own manifesto as aro…
It's really hard to see what pleasure #trophyhunters can get from killing monkeys and baboons. Or any animal really… https://t.co/dYjwy4PNf8
RT @AssaadRazzouk: 500,000,000 bees died in Brazil this year, with most showing traces of Fipronil, an insecticide banned in the EU and a p…
RT @SpanishDan1: Poor Nicky . She sold her soul to the devil and will eventually pay the price . Anyone that hitches their wagon to a fai…
The main problem was the lack of any emotional content or understanding at national level in the Remain campaign https://t.co/v1nEnPzBOb
RT @matthaig1: Of course, we should be flying less, and eating less meat and dairy, and planting more trees. But if we wait till everyone i…