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RT @TheGreenParty: We're looking for a Fundraising Officer to help us achieve our ambitious plans for development and public engagement ūü홂Ķ
RT @lisaocarroll: Guardian now being read by 23 million British adults a month - 4m on an average day. Internet may have destroyed advertis…
Big division breaking out within Brexit camp on whether to boycott a referendum. Daniel Hannan says yes but Farage… https://t.co/2BzkWS2Do3
RT @mrjamesob: The only ‚Äėbetrayal‚Äô is the one perpetrated by liars like Farage, Johnson & Davis who promised the earth then resigned, reneg‚Ķ
RT @mattzollerseitz: I would like to see a movie about a lead character with a disability where the disability is not the story. I don't me…
RT @DisabilityWiki: Mixed response to government’s plans to improve access to air travel https://t.co/HiohQYsqP5 #Disability #News #Disable…
RT @deirdreheenan: The whole point of expressions like ‚Äėmanaged no deal‚Äô & ‚ÄėWTO rules‚Äô is that they give a veneer of technical-sounding cre‚Ķ
RT @stevecoleOxford: Ireland and Denmark both had second referendum without any damage to their Democracy. The argument against is ridiculo…
Too many men fail to understand the difficulties faced by women in relation to pensions. They rely on their State P… https://t.co/Zzn79RCU23
Homelessness isn't just for Christmas, and treating poverty of this kind as a seasonal concern gets you nowhere fas… https://t.co/rITpdBniqD
RT @JolyonMaugham: Whilst Labour and the Tories manoeuvre for Party political advantage people's lives are being torn apart. Shame on you b…
RT @peterjukes: Bannon has been close to Farage for years. (Farage even gifted Bannon an oil painting depicting him as Napoleon). Farage sa…
Child homelessness jumps by 73% since Tories took power https://t.co/i4zbKIu4fR via @MetroUK
I suspect this is a big strategic error by the PM. It elevates 2nd referendum to the status of 'chief alternative'… https://t.co/Nvuarr76aa
This needs to be watched & shared as widely as possible. Reality of society for many young people. #Brexit https://t.co/AOgcGcrWXj
The country is divided, the economy & jobs are suffering, there's no plan, a referendum on this #BrexitShambles is… https://t.co/BuBMtMraXd
I love telling my story about how I encountered Jesus aged 10. It is a testimony that I have shared many times & l… https://t.co/QYRUherzwL
The only ‚Äėirreparable damage‚Äô a people‚Äôs vote will do is to Brexit, which is the whole point since it will do irrep‚Ķ https://t.co/VQ4ollhoFx
Public money should not be spent teaching untruths.People can be misled in ways that wreck their lives and futures… https://t.co/rprMwHOgCj
RT @MaryCreaghMP: The Brexit jobs haemorrhage continues.... Jaguar Land Rover to 'axe up to 5,000 jobs' The Guardian https://t.co/Dfy2vOuv…