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Baroness Altmann

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Twitter bio: Pensions, retirement, savings, investment, social care, economics expert. Believes pensions are about people, not just about money

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 19 May 2015
RT @meEventsInvest: @rosaltmann creating a cohesive framework to reform later life income provision #meInvest https://t.co/p6y7Q13QKz
Getting ready to deliver keynote at @MarcusEvans European Pensions and Invt Summit. Talking about a cohesive Framew… https://t.co/4j6i3LFoFV
RT @OxfordDiplomat: I saw war torn Europe; what extremism, fascism had done to us. I fought the national front in West Bromwich. We‘re not…
Oh come on Andrew. Please. LibDems are the party that has consistently called for a Referendum to confirm whether… https://t.co/WM8RTZVPzA
RT @KateForman9: I’m a doctor and I know how bad Brexit will be for our precious NHS and everyone who relies on it. That’s why I’m campaign…
RT @RhonddaBryant: It would be simple for a foreign power or individual to fund @brexitparty_uk by paying hundreds or thousands of £499 in…
RT @escapedBrexit: So Richard Tice think that 30% voting for the Brexit party on Thursday means that " the people " want a no deal Brexit.…
RT @carolmay54: @rosaltmann AND the majority did not vote for Brexit; the majority who voted, voted for Brexit.... THAT is very different!…
RT @ConHome: From @NickyMorgan01: We need One Nation Toryism more than ever, and will measure candidates against its ideals https://t.co/gM…
The logic of #Brexit: in 2016 52% of people voted for the Govt to deliver them ice cream every day. In 2019 the on… https://t.co/4IGQWHSeTm
This is truly frightening. Men like this appeal to voters but please don't fall for the lies, the spin, the hatred… https://t.co/JCqQYg3fy5
That's right. The doublespeak has been breathtaking! https://t.co/gRDzpC5hdr
Anti-Semitism on the rise again in Europe - and could take hold in the UK. @UKLabour is failing to recognise or adm… https://t.co/dAlsrkoqEQ
Please look at this and think carefully. Old women and young children mercilessly gassed to death just because they… https://t.co/I63hgEx5An
On way to Geneva to speak at @EPI Summit on Pensions and Investing for the future. ESG, CSR, SRI - so many good ac… https://t.co/UcZqVgKQ18
RT @conservative4pv: "The public mood at the moment does not show much sign of consensus. Rather, people are becoming more polarised in the…
RT @AmberRuddHR: ❌ Labour’s reckless plan would hand benefit payments to the rich and cut support to those that need it most. 👎 It would a…
So many people have lost their pensions when they've believed scams and spivs who talk a good game. But the consequ… https://t.co/4BBJMWxE2X