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Baroness Altmann

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Twitter bio: Pensions, retirement, savings, investment, social care, economics expert. Believes pensions are about people, not just about money

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 19 May 2015
This was my speech in the Lords on #Brexit. 17.4m people voted on promises that can't and won't be delivered. Refer… https://t.co/ljMVf2D3Lr
Brexiteers have never understood how the #EU works. They misled the British people and are still peddling their myt… https://t.co/fNV3v7Ehzc
Parliament has no idea what the will of the majority of British ppl is. If we don't know, we should find out! Promi… https://t.co/IWnJ7QA9Uk
The #Brexit impasse: Brexiteers reject Brexit, DUP reject insurance to protect N.Ireland, parliament rejects Brexit… https://t.co/CtXO0tYNhe
RT @paullewismoney: The govt is simply bringing in Welfare Reform Act 2012 Schedule 2 para 64 passed when you were Pensions Minister voted…
Tonight's Vote should lead to Parliament being given the chance for free votes on different possible routes forward… https://t.co/klInHBkhhY
RT @S_Hammond: Rejection of the Withdrawal Agreement does not make ‘No Deal’ an acceptable outcome and it must be avoided. Members of Parli…
Wow what a monumental defeat. But the PM is so strong and you have to admire her resilience. Whatever you think of… https://t.co/Hwwx8GazUW
Wish you well Harry. We need you but take care #COYS https://t.co/AmzHK7rwJt
RT @stevewebb1: Tip for vote-watching this evening - tellers for winning side stand on right facing Speaker (ie nearest opposition benches)…
RT @PaulGWeller: Thank you Noble Lords that someone cares about things very important to future of British-German families like mine + mill…
RT @GringoPeruano: "... expose the inadequacy and dangers of legal Pension changes proposed for No Deal" . #thinkanewactanew #Brexit #Peop
Yes and an additional worry is that Pension Credit doesn't give triple lock protection to the poorest pensioners. I… https://t.co/E2wUdSmpZT
PM just entered Commons chamber wearing black. But lovely smile and nod to husband Philip sitting in gallery. He's… https://t.co/Rbd9NlE4Yc
This was announced some time ago but hadn't come into effect. What is worrying is that neither Pension credit nor w… https://t.co/Ph6wwij6Tt
RT @conservative4pv: "We have appeased the far right on the past, but that didn't work out so well. We are not going to appease them now" -…
RT @gavinesler: So there will be a Second Politicians Vote until they get the “right” answer - but the People cannot vote again? Is Mrs May…
Yes this is a crisis and Parliament needs to take back control of our country. Careering towards No Deal is a derel… https://t.co/7DtmYrChee
Worryingly it seems Gov can't give reassurance that cross border UK pensions can be protected in event of No Deal.… https://t.co/H9vwH8lQq1
RT @heidiallen75: One of my South Cambs constituents - and a fellow lass from West Yorkshire #proud https://t.co/pyRG6tLIPd