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Baroness Altmann

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Twitter bio: Pensions, retirement, savings, investment, social care, economics expert. Believes pensions are about people, not just about money

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 19 May 2015
RT @LizKershawDJ: I don't like her #BrexitWithdrawalAgreement but I have every admiration for #TheresaMay @theresa_may personally. She has…
Yes the PM and party Chairman have both said 'No Brexiteers' is an option. So either they believe they would withdr… https://t.co/HtO7KUfoRd
That is so true. Full admiration for tenacity and resilience of our PM. Those who talk of challenging her are reall… https://t.co/yRRYfPPcAs
Absolutely right. If the ERG want to behave like UKIP they could join it rather than trying to force Conservatives… https://t.co/P54b3vFNVZ
Sorry Nigel but the Conservative and Unionist Party is not UKIP. We care about the majority of the country who do n… https://t.co/wOz0cEcFxU
RT @S_Hammond: Changing leader would not change the fact there is no majority in the House of Commons for 'No Deal' or a hard Brexit.
Brandon Lewis has just written to all Tory members saying there is a choice between PMs Agreement, No Deal or No Br… https://t.co/OV4NZqDBED
Could this #Brexit shambles finally be heading for a good ending https://t.co/rn6dY2Lo2N
RT @NickyMorgan01: Pragmatic Conservative leader trying to govern in the national interest gets knifed by Tory Brexiteers - so familiar - e…
Thank you for being there to care for low earners, mostly women. We much end this injustice https://t.co/vTSdjVvD0p
RT @thatginamiller: A joke to brighten up your day from the lovely @rosaltmann: Question: How many Brexiteers does it take to change a lig…
RT @Jacob_Rees_Mogg: Even the Prime Minister’s former adviser rejects this plan. https://t.co/FMgH4OCexS
RT @simontruetory: W'll soon know what's in the "deal". It won't keep us in the single market, or give us a say in making EU rules on non-…
RT @LordsEconCom: Interested in social care? We've published the written evidence received so far for our inquiry. Take a look and let us k…
After all the hype what would Brexit mean? #Brexit on these terms amounts to EUminus minus. Nothing like Canada plu… https://t.co/EiD09VO4CF
We seem to have become obsessively determined to show control of immigration - but we are targeting the wrong peopl… https://t.co/BJDBjs5tIr
Thanks (at least in part) to QE, index linked gilts are negative and the cost of inflation protected pensions has s… https://t.co/zk6X7Ezz1p
We can't be sure what the majority of people think of the current situation. If we can't be sure, then we have a de… https://t.co/DJyFGidcqW