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Baroness Altmann

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Twitter bio: Pensions, retirement, savings, investment, social care, economics expert. Believes pensions are about people, not just about money

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 19 May 2015
We worked hard to get auto-enrolment into PensionWise into SFGB legislation when it came to the Lords with strong c… https://t.co/ob7TqhF3nl
Great article by @JosephineCumbo warning that people need the free, impartial guidance from PensionWise that was al… https://t.co/XVjgtYWkGw
OK, hands up who needs a laugh? Then hope you'll enjoy this old clip - Donald Trump promoting his newly launched ch… https://t.co/x82XUkcvf4
RT @ConsEurope: Our Vice-Chair @AlistairBurtUK explains the risks of a #NoDealBrexit & why it should be avoided @AlistairBurtUK is support…
Using your #pension for home improvement is fine as long as you don't mind paying the tax and have other pensions l… https://t.co/qPhqayu6PG
RT @SerinaSandhu1: The state pension age changes can be a "double blow to women in a same-sex relationship who were never told that their S…
Excellent questions and discussion of the need for more people to have expert financial advice to help them plan th… https://t.co/N0KDfhXOT1
Wow Becky is it really 5 years. Hard to believe. You've been so brilliant! https://t.co/RH1HBhQp7N
RT @thatginamiller: Hi @arusbridger - in my article ahead of this week's @UKSupremeCourt case I explain why it is so important 'The Suprem…
Quite right David. True conservatism and the modernisation of the party that you introduced has been swept away.… https://t.co/Axu4Ao65zc
Where is the innovation for pension freedoms? Hardly any new products for accumulation and accumulation - still sam… https://t.co/9nNzYGtjc3
Just been speaking for @quilter about pension freedoms. Q2 saw 336,000 withdrawals - record highs. Many go into cas… https://t.co/q6z8zlRdyi
RT @ConsEurope: 🔷CAMPAIGN UPDATE🔷 @BorisJohnson's “Get ready for #Brexit” is the biggest public information campaign in history. But have…
RT @MrRBourne: Tip to save you time: anyone in politics or policy who uses the term "at all costs" is not a model-based thinker, and is usu…
RT @conservative4pv: Sky Views: Second Brexit vote would pull Boris Johnson out of the quagmire - @adamboultonSKY explains why a "confirmat…
So interesting to see what tech can do to benefit our health. Amazing developments underway #healthtech https://t.co/hsCAfT1oXt