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Twitter bio: broadcaster, journalist, novelist. President of Birkbeck, Labour Peer.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 21 Jan 2011
RT @MariaBrenton65: As a #Labour #member I expect @JeremyCorbyn to honour his pledge to empower the membership and support a fresh (and hon…
RT @Trumpet1984: In honor of the 48th day before the election I will be donating at least $48 to Harley Rouda, the Democrat running for Con…
@JDBakewell I don’t usually watch Bake Off... so tell me, do the judges put on loads of weight?
RT @benjamintassie: Here is a dog feeding carrots to three rabbits and also a piglet
RT @EUflagmafia: I remember 3 day weeks in the 70's. Power cuts, shortages... we were the poor man of Europe, now 6th richest because of th…
RT @Markgatiss: This Panorama is disgusting. It's all a fucking game to them. Brexit is like slitting your own throat and then saying "I'll…
@JDBakewell more than ever we need to #Callitoff! Brexit is a disaster!
RT @baddestmamajama: Men I have a very important question for you: why are almost all of you named Matt?
RT @JamesMelville: Brexiters, you voted for: - recession - business bankruptcies - job losses - pound collapse - high inflation - housing…
@JDBakewell every day brings more evidence for us to #call It Off: We’re walking into a disaster called Brexit. #call it off!
RT @SheRa_Marley: All around me are familiar faces Worn out gobshites, worn out racists £1 trillion growth they say with zero basis Going n…
#call it off: Brexit in ruins. Pull back before it gets worse. Stop digging!
@JDBakewell Happy to be on Mary Beard’s Late Front Row this Friday... expect great chat!
#Callitoff: enough is enough. Brexit is a immanent disaster. Time to call it off now!
RT @seanjonesqc: You don’t hear very much about the “Brexit dividend” any more. I wonder what happened to that.
#call it off: time to acknowledge Brexit is a mistake.
@JDBakewell what’s the limit on alcohol when you’re 85?
RT @Ella_M_Whelan: My @SunTimesIreland column on why Ireland (and the UK) needs free, state-funded, top-quality childcare:…