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Baroness Bakewell

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Twitter bio: broadcaster, journalist, novelist. President of Birkbeck, Labour Peer.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 21 Jan 2011
Back in Time for School tonight on BBC2: I tell todays pupils how it was in my day... long, long ago. Nostalgia?… https://t.co/WzbXC6iiX3
What’s this table they talk about where everything’remains on the table’ . Which table!”? IKEA? Cabinet table? Bored room table?
Listen up all women! Listen up with men with wives, mothers partners! Risk of breast cancer increases with age: keep up the screenings!
Labour must now move strongly and consistently. If the vote of no confidence goes down the pressure for a 2nd refe… https://t.co/RfKdJG9KPv
RT @Femi_Sorry: For the record, Theresa May has spent 2 years and millions upon millions of tax-payer money / government resources on a #Br
RT @GuardianHeather: Bercow bites back: "I have no intention of taking lectures on doing right by Parliament from people who have been cons…
RT @StephenMangan: Manboy opulence: 300 burgers and candlesticks made of gold. https://t.co/BXJmThX6QY
Walloping defeat for the Tories in the Lords last night : now it’s up to the Commons!
Mary Beard sings the praises of Kennedy’s Latin Primer. Ah, yes, I remember it well. I might even have my copy som… https://t.co/gLQ1w7WGEa
“we need to Talk about Death”... the first of the series of 3: how you should make your wishes known. ‘Do not res… https://t.co/IcEu44Z61a
RT @ChrisStirk: @Keir_Starmer @YvetteCooperMP Well could labour stop being stubborn now and come out in favour of a people's vote? Or bette…
What a shock that “A Star is Born” didn’t win out at Golden Globes! Stars and direction deserved much more!!
RT @mpl1spalding: My wife was 60 in September 2014. She had given up a career to care for her mother several years earlier. Paid additional…
RT @jude5456: This woman is obsessed with a referendum that was found to be fraudulent and only representing 26% of the population. It is N…
RT @MariaBrenton65: £7bn has been cut by the Nasty Party from #Social #Care since 2010, while social needs have escalated. What’s the point…
“We need to talk about Death” my Radio 4 series returns on Wed 8th: how to make sure people know your end-of-life… https://t.co/TFHvtUcIdO
RT @politvidchannel: Hilarious Video of Trump Saying He is An expert on Everything https://t.co/MiCBgkHJyC
RT @ukskies: RT, RT & RT again....every hour, every day. This matters if you believe in democracy. If you like the idea of becoming a Turke…
‘Only connect’ is back. Not only can’t I understand the questions, I can’t understand the answers: clearer, please, Victoria!!
RT @AdamDidThat: Leavers are raging about the EU firework display in #LondonNYE. If you didn't like this little display of intent, dear qui…