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Baroness Bowles Of Berkhamsted

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Twitter bio: Baroness Bowles of Berkhamsted. LibDem, Chair European Parliament Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee 2009-2014. Non executive director. Tweets own opinions

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 23 Oct 2015
RT @LaylaMoran: .@libdems policy has always been #ExitFromBrexit! It was on the manifesto I was elected on. How this is news: Lib Dem Remai…
RT @RevokeA50_Bot: There are currently 3,943,064 signatures on the #RevokeArticle50 petition as of 8:00am, Mar 23 2019.
RT @RevokeA50_Bot: There are currently 3,919,388 signatures on the #RevokeArticle50 petition as of 7:30am, Mar 23 2019.
RT @RCorbettMEP: So, #TheresaMay claims “she’s on the side of the people on #Brexit” Well, no, actually: https://t.co/2hBVvnCRYv
What took you so long to realise? No point in BBC any more https://t.co/0H8wGPWMWb
RT @martinmcgrath: Am I the only one who watches these graphs and ends up cheering for the countries involved. "Come on Angola! You can be…
RT @figure_to: I voted Leave and I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm really fuckin' sorry. I have signed. Thank you to those who never gave up. #Rev
RT @RevokeA50_Bot: There are currently 3,047,041 signatures on the #RevokeArticle50 petition as of 12:30pm, Mar 22 2019.
RT @eucopresident: Today we celebrate 25th birthday of European Economic Area. A long-term partnership where all contribute and benefit. Wi…
RT @samdwebber: Good to hear the clear @LibDems voice in Europe @catherinemep, live on @SkyNews talking to @adamboultonSKY: "@Nigel_Farage
RT @RevokeA50_Bot: There are currently 2,783,605 signatures on the #RevokeArticle50 petition as of 10:00am, Mar 22 2019.
RT @markpack: ICYMI: First by-election result in this week: Lib Dem hold with big swing from Labour https://t.co/76mPEdFEEE
RT @RevokeA50_Bot: There are currently 2,652,274 signatures on the #RevokeArticle50 petition as of 9:00am, Mar 22 2019.
RT @RevokeA50_Bot: There are currently 2,615,963 signatures on the #RevokeArticle50 petition as of 8:40am, Mar 22 2019.
RT @LuluHihi: @JolyonMaugham Don’t forget you can watch it’s progress without calling up (slowing) the website by following: @RevokeA50_Bo
RT @Usherwood: Petition to revoke article 50 exceeds 1m signatures amid site crashes https://t.co/EnT6gn4iUj
RT @microburin: Takes less than 10 seconds. Please let this go viral. JUST MAKE IT STOP #RevokeArticle50 https://t.co/LnATcA8h3J
RT @SharonBarbour: BBC News - Brexit: Revoke Article 50 petition crashes Parliament website https://t.co/QYc2bUdifA