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Baroness Brady

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Twitter bio: Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge CBE Business Woman of the Year, Best Selling Author The Apprentice Inspirational Global Speaker, Mentor https://t.co/WVPwYmZxKP

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 22 Sep 2014
*****NEW COLUMN****** When even KIDS know the gender pay gap is unfair, it's time for change https://t.co/ymZnjT2wvP
Was great to spend time with all the budding entrepreneurs & small business owners using the VWORKS fabulous facil… https://t.co/9F4y4vxDOU
At @Village_Hotels in Bristol today to host a 'Tales of the Boardroom' business seminar exclusively for their local… https://t.co/glOHSHgQTm
At @villagehotels in Bristol today to host a 'Tales of the Boardroom' business seminar exclusively for their local… https://t.co/wZ2PRgvyW1
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Happy Birthday to my amazing, wonderful, talented brilliant daughter Sophia xx @SophiaPesch https://t.co/d2NYzt6ahB
Happy Birthday to my amazing, talented, wonderful, brilliant daughter Sophia xx @sophia_pesch https://t.co/P6WtyWX6LV
Slightly windy....Table Top Mountain - fabulous views! https://t.co/rDHR4yg2Xo
Ignore fake news stories about the MMR jab — what measles does is far scarier https://t.co/FBcz6cahgV
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