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Baroness Brady

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Twitter bio: Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge CBE Business Woman of the Year, Presenter ITV Give It A Year, Best Selling Author, The Apprentice Inspirational Global Speaker

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 22 Sep 2014
The Sun on Sunday's fantastic #XmasToyAppeal was launched yesterday. By making a donation the many children with c… https://t.co/uBZiiMqyN0
What's wrong with our society - Paramedics should not have to worry about being attacked while helping people - rea… https://t.co/YWJVqtMbGO
Packed conference (1,700 people) and a great audience - thank you for having me! https://t.co/I0J0ZtHnYz
it was a real pleasure to speak at your conference, thank you for having me! https://t.co/mnOaUj6uax
Trust your gut, have the confidence to know you matter and don’t take any notice of what people say...… https://t.co/9usIx9Dvtf
Thank you all for your comments on this week's apprentice, so pleased you love it as much as we love making it. I'… https://t.co/HjVZv7yUsG
Tonight... I get a headache....BBC1 9pm @bbcapprentice @claudelittner @Lord_Sugar and I really really really have n… https://t.co/VXmd506064
RT @Paul_Pesch: Seymour Place Community Hub https://t.co/ZQkSvPsL7U is 43% away from achieving their goal if we don't before Dec 17th backe…
RT @TheSunFootball: Uefa are engineers in their own defeat on the muddiest field when it comes to Financial Fair Play, Man City and PSG | @…
SHARE with someone who could do with hearing this right now 🙌 Building grit is a positive thing! Learning from fail… https://t.co/rUkibFluM2
Good.... thanks for asking. I passed my exam..and I got 100%! all due to the amazing teaching by Claire Holland https://t.co/A7lTKGJx7l
The Boss arrives to set the task - TV advert/logo/cabin crew uniforms for a new airline. Don’t miss this!@Lord_Sugar https://t.co/b4U1eiZkGQ
One of the aspects of the task tonight is to design cabin crew uniforms… work in progress! @bbcapprentice https://t.co/f4p2kcS8ZS
ARE YOU READY!!!! 9pm tonight BBC1 - The Apprentice - my favourite task so far - it's a MUST watch! @Lord_Sugarhttps://t.co/AS4dqRUyHi
What does success look like to you? If you don’t know then how will you know you are on the right road to achievin… https://t.co/dFzGgp6ilW
Claude on FLEEK! Next task Lord Sugar asks candidates to produce an advert, name and design cabin crew uniforms for… https://t.co/6mc8cccHnW