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Baroness Burt Of Solihull

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Twitter bio: Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Equalities

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 9 Oct 2015
Why is it that Mrs May is able to bring the same agreement before Parliament three times when the request for givin… https://t.co/6fsW8Fug4k
Thanks to everyone who has emailed me about the Domestic Violence Bill. Can I apologise for not answering everyone… https://t.co/JI5llX0hZl
Happy “two fingers to the patriarchy“ day! @LibDemLords
Ban the pink tax!! Why should women pay more for products that can be used by both women and men?! It’s time for… https://t.co/YXavjQg8i6
Nominations open for UK’s first list of inspirational women in #Policy & #PublicAffairs curated by @PolicyMogul. If… https://t.co/AfzrNYPi9e
The first ever prosecution for FGM was today. I do hope that anyone for whom this has been culturally ok realises… https://t.co/e5vCuduLC3
Women offenders are trapped in the justice system- recall numbers have grown by 131% compared to 22% for men since… https://t.co/8IFXeXGtrL
Well who knew?! At 11 pm last night the Commons passed a temporary standing order to allow proxy voting for MPs awa… https://t.co/ODvZRNw5CB
I raised the issue of asylum seekers’ fear of reporting sexual violence in case they’re taken as immigration offend… https://t.co/ExBQmsPbZy
Government response to my question on travel pay for homecare workers was to confirm from April pay packets will ha… https://t.co/krTEkIE4Dw
At long, long last, the Domestic Violence Bill makes its first appearance in the commons today. Measures are good,… https://t.co/ZUFzpCRYVr
Following tonight’s historic vote we are one step closer to ending this Tory-Brexit mess. @LibDems will keep fighti… https://t.co/U0t6dCTZ2L
Oh dearie me: Theresa May‘s government can’t even organise its own traffic jam! (Unless it’s crashing out with a no… https://t.co/qD1QbSM6rO
RT @LibDems: We're less than 100 people away from 200,000 supporters for our Exit-Brexit campaign! Help us get past this milestone with a…
Mel Stride says he can hear ‘noises’, despite the fact EU negotiators have said there will be no further meetings.… https://t.co/45IPtFquxX
100 years ago today, some women were finally allowed to vote. I hope it won’t be another hundred before we achieve… https://t.co/juyXDDnGmn
So now we have it from the lips of our chancellor - ANY deal is worse than the one we’ve got already. Did ANYONE vo… https://t.co/p3gZvWNAP1
Today is Intnl Day for elimination of violence against women. This year it focuses on coercive control, & people al… https://t.co/gmTOPSK9xO
The panel for democracy forum ⁦@alexyip258⁩ ⁦@brigidjones⁩ ⁦@Guild_President⁩ , 180 kids in Bham town hall and me ⁦… https://t.co/7R8RKcvfYD
Celebrating 100 years of women’s suffrage with Helen Pankhurst! (And a few others) I kid you not! ⁦@LibDemshttps://t.co/M3tUSqRJC2