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Baroness Deech

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Twitter bio: https://t.co/oAJkMTqqbc

Affiliation: Crossbench
Join Date: 5 Oct 2005
Government figures on cost of #HolocaustMemorial/LearningCentre. Building £102 million. Future running costs £5-6m… https://t.co/ZKN3LN7XQy
.@OxfordPhil A world class orchestra built in 20 years. Transformed Oxford & wider musical life. Brings music to sc… https://t.co/MhVJfQYV0V
RT @ToneFest: @topfamilylawyer @marilynstowe @BaronessDeech @ResFamilyLaw Don’t all parties need a ‘safety net’ to support their children.…
RT @ToneFest: @topfamilylawyer @marilynstowe “Thank goodness” cheer the lawyers”. It would obviously have an effect on lawyer’s incomes! A…
Never ever change planes at #FrankfurtAirport. 45 mins walk from 1 gate to another, information free zone, slow q a… https://t.co/0z0L3vMzpI
What's wrong with half the property and pension, and prenups as supported by the Law Com? England should bring law… https://t.co/oEt1SedPoD
The lowest income women get nothing anyway, research says, only the better off. And my bill would give more to chil… https://t.co/X7dNSAD82X
The aim is to have less of the couple's assets go on lawyers' costs. So of course it is unpopular in some quarters! https://t.co/O4I9lxKQ5y
See Roger Bootle in the Telegraph today with the details of the euro failure & how lucky we were not to be caught i… https://t.co/JMcUCF9G3V
But Botley Rd/Oxpens/Westgate traffic worse than ever & soon new residents of hotel & student flats at Westway with… https://t.co/KzsSqIphl9
20% total assets gone in costs, & this is only the start. Reform the law! https://t.co/vUR0rjnYjx
It won't be modern until financial provision law treats women as equal partners, and not as supplicants defined by… https://t.co/5OJCwjw2Hx
RT @Change_Britain: When we look at the punitive approach the EU has taken to our decision to leave, we've got to ask ourselves as a countr…
And where antisemitism and misogyny are eradicated from the Left https://t.co/kLBxXZT43K
RT @tess_mcevoy: Pens at the ready! All set to present our opposition to this inappropriate scheme. @SaveVTG @davidharvey1 @SW1P_BP https:…
Research does not prove that democracy stops genocide (the case for Westminster site). Religious, ethnic hatred, st… https://t.co/P4vuLJe4aL
Amos Oz, hon fellow & former visiting prof @StAnnesCollege sadly died. Great writer, speaker, peaceseeker, noble man, irreplaceable loss
The case against the site and design perfectly summed up. More people should express their opinions on the purpose,… https://t.co/mPiEfiUhe7