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Baroness Deech

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Twitter bio: https://t.co/oAJkMTqqbc

Affiliation: Crossbench
Join Date: 5 Oct 2005
Agreed. So easy to poke fun at Trump and what a mess they made of it! And £5 for a programme that shed no light. https://t.co/6PVAnp9tA7
RT @EggFreezingCase: Thank you @BaronessDeech for your support with our case, which means a lot. I have only a few months to save my eggs.…
My brilliant former pupil - I taught her family law! Many congratulations. https://t.co/ZWOnV7bsmH
Of course I mean AREN’T holding Iran Torture Week. https://t.co/YwtCMx6IDJ
Why aren’t human rights activists taking to the streets? Why are students holding Iran Torture Week on campus? https://t.co/AXrfil6IlM
The most compelling and topical analyst of the law today. https://t.co/kYZrILUKNa
Just put it somewhere else or radically change the offending design https://t.co/aFk6BVYnhF
.#Poland @BelvedereForum Poland has a crisis re freedom of speech, rule of law, environmental protection https://t.co/hHDSsXLIgE
RT @Ladies4Leave: 90% of time debating the Withdrawal Act was taken up by male MPs. SHARE if you are a lady for leaving the EU! https://t…
RT @nicolelampert: I’ve written a Labour antisemitism primer for anyone confused about the row. Please share with anyone who might find it…
.@NationalTheatre "When we have sufficiently tortured each other" is sold out for tonight's last performance. I hav… https://t.co/nlgkp2hmn3
Another compelling reason for reforming the law on financial provision. & illustrates the pointlessness of a 6 mont… https://t.co/O7ZXTPfB5o
RT @thetimes2: .@DAaronovitch: The Westminster Holocaust memorial doesn’t hit me in my heart. https://t.co/OsGMMYq0SD
Well said! The design does not evoke the Holocaust. https://t.co/RxnrMsYUWi
RT @Ladies4Leave: Esther McVey and other female Brexiteers have come together to launch Ladies for Leave. 8 million women voted to leave…