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Baroness Falkner Of Margravine

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Twitter bio: Chairman EU Sub-Committee on Financial Affairs, House of Lords, Bank of England’s EDMC member, Visiting Professor at King's College, London

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 2 Jun 2004
I’ve only finished reading the 56 page explainer yet, and am beginning to agree. https://t.co/qMZ7ztSYAE
Lords ruled out adversarial system when moving to this process, precisely because they decided that cross examinati… https://t.co/iH0Yw4APiV
RT @CER_Grant: Anand is right. EU will say the Brexit deal is 'take it or leave it', to encourage the UK Parliament to vote in favour. But…
Presumably he’d like Sharia style divorce in the agreement as well: just say ‘I divorce you’ three times to drop th… https://t.co/Mwi34QxYMu
#Metz doesn’t think UK second referendum a good idea - a significant point from a potential future German leader. https://t.co/ECY0E5tHSk
Great to break from #Brexit at Chatham House Berlin conf #EuropesChoices with Friedrich Metz, Jan Mischke, Michael… https://t.co/CcPWOY0tte
Important point in story is that UK would ‘remain broadly aligned’ - not be completely equivalent. Also good that C… https://t.co/4McsaeT2gI
I think he says ‘consider’ - ‘but can’t happen soon enough! https://t.co/6hWxDhqBp7
Doubt it - would go down badly with small and midsize member states who already resent German dominance behind the… https://t.co/a7De06CX8s
Not sure defying an Ct of Appeal order is good use of Parliamentary Privilege - irrespective of how unpleasant the… https://t.co/QAkIgrTBE1
RT @stephenWalt: If the Central European University is forced to leave Budapest for Vienna, it will be a significant benefit for Austria an…
RT @BrunoBrussels: On deadlines, an EU ambo from a country with strong trade links with UK "There is a point of no return, it is between No…
RT @robert_falkner: Bank of England tells financial institutions to prepare for #climatechange. Senior managers may be held liable if they…
Strange to see Mexico is so pro China given they’re main beneficiaries of Trump’s China tariffs. https://t.co/nSBYcsgXAn
RT @mrianleslie: Surprised the Tories are not more sympathetic to low skilled workers given the state of their front bench
RT @GoodwinMJ: "Looking back, I hadn't fully considered the complexity of what I was voting for in the [Brexit] referendum" Agree 32% Dis…
A reality check from Iain Begg on how far the EU has moved to integrate. A #PeoplesVote could well be ‘leave’ on l… https://t.co/2GZ4LaZ6YG
Moreover the fact that the EU has moved on, UK having being effectively absent for three years will result in our h… https://t.co/J7ivm3TVeZ