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Baroness Featherstone

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Twitter bio: Former Lib Dem MP Hornsey & Wood Green, Minister in coalition, Energy & Climate Change spokesperson, originator and architect of same sex marriage law. Peer.

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 20 Oct 2015
So have the Labour opposition and particularly you! https://t.co/ZWt0qzn3fJ
RT @ThatTimWalker: Please retweet if you are now sick of Brextremists and the way they’re trashing our country, its young and particularly…
RT @britainelects: West Green (Haringey) result: LAB: 56.6% (-8.4) LDEM: 27.6% (+20.5) GRN: 10.8% (-2.9) CON: 5.1% (-4.1) Labour HOLD.
Superb effort. Well done LibDems. Watch out Labour. https://t.co/8meFyjeXqu
RT @CarolinePidgeon: So cold out but great to do some 🔸GOTV door knocking in Haringey for @es_payne @HaringeyLibDems with @LIZMORRIS4 and…
RT @HaringeyLibDems: Huge team out of Lib Dems out knocking doors in West Green right now. Polls close at 10pm so there is still time to vo…
RT @doublereds: If you have a spare hour, please give @HaringeyLibDems a hand tomorrow for GOTV operations. #WestGreen residents #DemandB
RT @CarolinePidgeon: Good luck @HaringeyLibDems @es_payne with your by-election today. Look forward to some door knocking later!
RT @ScottEmery92: Wishing @es_payne the best of luck today in the West Green by-election! Here's hoping she and @HaringeyLibDems can get a…
Jacob R M wiggling and wriggling - on the hook. What a travesty of a human being.
If May cannot bring real wins back from Brussels - then she needs to say to Parliament that she will take it back to the people - only way
But he is happy with the referendum 52 to 48! Hypocrite https://t.co/ppLV5z7C7Y
Jacob Rees Mogg should go - and take Boris, David Davies and Dominic Raab with him. Wreckers all.
Not entirely - if Labour leader opposed - might help! https://t.co/hoO0mQiVF5
Given your total inability to oppose - it’s pot kettle! https://t.co/mkdz8CtP1W
It’s the ball not the woman that needs to be played. She needs to stop the clock, show leadership and go back to the people!
Conservatives self serving. Labour indecisive, two faced cowards. Poor country - literally!
RT @BBCNewsnight: “She is being undermined from within by people who are frankly more interested in who is going to be the next leader of t…
RT @mrfulton81: If anyone would like 2018 to include some good news, here it is...my 6 year old daughter, who woke up paralyzed from the wa…