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Baroness Grender

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Twitter bio: Mum, School Gov, Working Peer, LibDem

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 4 Sep 2013
Cabinet members are wheeled out today to say "we are listening". Where were they for the 60+ hours of speeches we'v… https://t.co/MEnHpWF6nM
RT @montie: Watching @MattHancock being grilled by @afneil on #politicslive now. He’s doing his best but I don’t think the government has a…
Given No10 knew the result of this vote before Christmas why is Matt Hancock so badly prepared to be interviewed after it? #politicslive
RT @CalAliwell: 5. The next stage in the Bill process is for it to pass to the House of Commons, for MPs to consider the - very positive an…
RT @RosOakley: Interested in being my deputy? If so please take a look. Very exciting to be expanding our team https://t.co/BsOI7eOYXs
On way home from saying goodbye to a fabulous mentor, colleague, friend. Sharing an office in Parliament for last 5… https://t.co/zEH3c9O9vE
RT @StMungos: 2019 is our 50th anniversary. Throughout the year we’ll be sharing stories of the extraordinary people who are part of our hi…
RT @tnewtondunn: Meanwhile, Brexit aside... 1.2 million families are now stuck in a rent trap, earning too little to pay a deposit and too…
RT @politvidchannel: Hilarious Video of Trump Saying He is An expert on Everything https://t.co/MiCBgkHJyC
RT @AAssimwe: 5 million women standing up to the patriarchy look like . On 3rd Jan in Kerala, India, women came together to make a 620 kilo…
.@lucycthomas soooo right here lack of diversity at the top of campaign teams a massive problem RT @OllyGrender: Ho… https://t.co/BplhOffgXl
Excellent piece here by @JamesFHall really moving stuff about a surrogacy journey and the generosity of spirit of o… https://t.co/9vULp9sGkd
RT @kgmcl11: Powers of social media 🙏🏻 hoping I can be reunited with my red bobble hat it was one of the last pressies my wee mum gave me I…
RT @Victoria_Spratt: Looking to speak to women in their 30s who live with their friends in a rented house for @GraziaUK #journorequest #hou
RT @Shelter: Our analysis on the huge temporary accommodation bill is on today's front page of the @guardian. We should be tackling the ro…
Happy New Year tweeps here’s to 2019 fulfilling hopes and dreams x (waving farewell to 2018 with some relief)
Reprise: Paddy's essay to the party on the eve of Conference https://t.co/k2hQxpRMxR via @libdemvoice
RT @TheStaggers: Paddy Ashdown didn't want a fuss made about him but his inspiring and courageous life deserved it, writes the Liberal Demo…