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Baroness Hussein-Ece

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Twitter bio: Daughter of immigrants. Zero tolerance of racism. Equalities spokesperson, Lib Dems. House of Lords. OBE. Remainer & proud. Animal lover. My views.

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 25 Jun 2010
RT @BBCBreakfast: "I've been told as a woman of colour to 'go home'..." @BBCNaga shares her experience as we discuss the reaction to commen…
Contrast with UK: #UrsulaVonDerLeyen can only become Commission President because the #EuropeanParliament voted for… https://t.co/77zct16bHM
It’s embarrassing how he’s still got this platform to spew his lies & bluster. @LBC Why no other party leaders give… https://t.co/29wMHZpP83
A 3 year old referendum does not give any government the right to suspend Parliament. It will be strongly resisted. https://t.co/nLVIkm9EOz
RT @JoyceWhiteVance: Trump is no longer the kind of racist who dog whistles, he just says it out loud. And if you think you’re safe because…
There ended the Republican Party Trump Apologist on prime slot on @BBCRadio4 #r4today
Theresa May wanted to@be remembered for the modern day slavery laws. Denying child victims right to remain in UK un… https://t.co/3nyonJzFR5
My colleague @LordRRoberts asked the Govt today what representation they’ve made about this abuse of children’s hum… https://t.co/qrQOQR8DcI
If this outrage was happening in any other country, there’d be international outrage & condemnation. UK Foreign Off… https://t.co/4bCcwB0Ymu
Very good to meet the Ambassador, & Head of the Palestinian Mission in UK today. Recognition of Palestine remains a… https://t.co/M5OlqzUxaJ
Diversity is one of our strengths and it helped us win the World Cup | Moeen Ali https://t.co/Dfiei3k7uR
RT @RepDonBeyer: Only one of the Members of Congress pictured below was born outside the United States. It’s me, also the only one who was…
A must watch. This is what integrity in the face of racism looks like. https://t.co/QETozcl63l
RT @KarenAttiah: As you watch @AOC @IlhanMN @RashidaTlaib and @RepPressley, keep in mind what Toni Morrison has said about racism: “The f…
Melanie Phillips @thetimes column starts with condemning Trumps comments, then goes on to attack the 4 Congresswome… https://t.co/qGSSRHoJKx
It was @LibDemLords Lord Sharkey who introduced a Private Bill in 2012, to pardon Alan Turing, paving the way for t… https://t.co/DbQYJZ8Xb6
Been sitting in on this debate in the @UKHouseofLords Like going back to the 1950s when women’s voices & human righ… https://t.co/MjwAvYj2yc