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Baroness Hussein-Ece

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Twitter bio: Daughter of immigrants. Zero tolerance of racism. Equalities spokesperson, Lib Dems. House of Lords. Animal lover. My views.

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 25 Jun 2010
RT @Sathnam: I believe in free speech and loathe no-platforming... but what troubles me about this kind of thing is that it is nearly alway…
RT @EL4JC: Andrew Marr loses his shit and reveals himself as another BBC bully boy. Shameful. https://t.co/TLozKmrSAf
RT @markpack: Good to hear @vincecable saying he agrees with those Lib Dem peers who support believing and respecting the disciplinary ruli…
'Since Sanghera came forward, five women have contacted the Commissioner making allegations against other peers' https://t.co/YiMhbNLEOs
Misogyny at the @BBC The public broadcaster, can't condone this. https://t.co/EmFXgXN85A
RT @UN_Women: Remaining silent is no longer the status quo. We need to speak out for others. #HearMeToo https://t.co/EBdNmUuRPM
RT @cnni: "It seems I have a calming effect on animals." This is the moment a Chimpanzee rescued from the illegal bushmeat trade hugged J…
RT @AmberRuddHR: Impossible not to admire the extraordinary work that Jasvinder Sanghera has done to protect women. Entirely in character…
RT @Jas_Sanghera_KN: Lords should no longer be able to ‘mark their own homework.’ ⁦@GreenJennyJones⁩ ⁦@SarahChampionMP⁩ ⁦@meralhece⁩ ⁦@KNFM
RT @TimeOutLondon: Did you know that the British Museum used to have cats on its payroll? https://t.co/DAPm5J5Jkq https://t.co/2zEqQUfQpP
RT @BathSpaResearch: "...no human can claim superiority over another on the basis that they were born, randomly, in a wealthier country. An…
RT @mryderqc: Just been reading Lord Lester conduct report. Quite striking that the committee whose grasp of legal procedure has been so he…
Thank you for setting out the case cogently in this thread. The few of us who are not chums of LL were not expectin… https://t.co/84nzU2x9hd
Thanks Jo. Apparently not allowing Lord Lester to 'cross examine' the women he was accused of sexually harrassing w… https://t.co/zgS6KXG9ir
RT @PanProductions2: @meralhece we, a group of mostly Turkish speaking female immigrants, are putting on this play because we want to talk…