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Baroness Hussein-Ece

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Twitter bio: Daughter of immigrants. Zero tolerance of racism. Equalities spokesperson in the House of Lords. Lib Dems. OBE. Remainer & proud. Animal lover. My views.

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 25 Jun 2010
Begs the question who signed off the business grant for someone living in California. https://t.co/yUINuNsh21
This plane tree is the oldest tree in Hackney - 250 years old. Learnt this on the tree walk with ⁦⁦@treeruss⁩ of ⁦… https://t.co/znCKkn8KLu
Great to take part in the guided walk today. Learnt a lot about trees ive seen in #ClissoldPark for most of my life… https://t.co/Ku4M9KNlZT
RT @swilkinsonbc: Archbishop slams israel's [deeply evil] use of lethal force to execute a Palestinian woman for using the wrong lane at Qa…
RT @KateMaltby: Imagine what a functioning Opposition party could do with this: https://t.co/2tR4rkQUz9
Worth supporting this amazing work in war-torn Syria. https://t.co/lDScoLpjL3
Advocating breaking the law for a no deal Brexit no one voted for & which would be hugely damaging, is illegal, out… https://t.co/AhH7g3vwOb
RT @TheNewEuropean: Boris Johnson's billionaire leadership backer urged prorogation before he became prime minister https://t.co/jJ9lPvEpYc
RT @DrRJKavanagh: Orlando police arrested a six-year-old Black girl for "throwing a tantrum" in her first-grade class. The cops handcuffed…
Welcome news. Yet it’s still legal to be married at 16 in the UK. Is it time to raise to 18? #childmarriage. https://t.co/uZvMVLhnWl
RT @crimlawuk: People who can't afford their council tax 'must not be jailed' says top lawyer https://t.co/GeHfqefHRO
RT @farjad99: These were pine nut framers. Ordinary folk not ISIS or Taliban. https://t.co/bpqytzVmF3
It’s clear Momentum & people around Jeremy Corbyn are less concerned about winning a general election than purging… https://t.co/goamTSUwk7
If this is accurate, great timing, weeks before a possible general election. Tories must be popping the champagne. https://t.co/JnfP1YTO8h
A Tory peer told me a while ago that it’s precisely because we have such a weak Opposition that the ERG & Tory Brex… https://t.co/0NUpd3SuZd
RT @joncoopertweets: Trump is sending U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia to defend the regime that brutally murdered and dismembered Washington Po…
Imagine being forced to work for ‘the Kremlin’ for 30 years. https://t.co/eWpGJokoky
‘Bomb in Yemen school bus strike that killed 40 children was US-supplied’ Complicit with war crimes. CNN https://t.co/BDjYcZRBqH
OMG. Incredible- This dangerous maniac has the nuclear codes. How did we get here? https://t.co/8jbjiiZkbA