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Baroness Hussein-Ece

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Twitter bio: Daughter of immigrants. Zero tolerance of racism. Equalities spokesperson, Lib Dems. House of Lords. OBE. Remainer & proud. Animal lover. My views.

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 25 Jun 2010
It's unreal. Like something out of House of Cards. https://t.co/NJif3kVQf7
RT @Femi_Sorry: 4⃣ We're already seen as a bit of a joke now... But Boris Johnson as PM? 🤡Who can forget his world debut as foreign secreta…
Boris Johnson's history of racist comments, from Muslim 'letter boxes' to African 'piccaninnies' https://t.co/LO07frrnKH
RT @Haggis_UK: Lord Patten - Boris Johnson has "always been extremely careless with the truth"... nearly everyone in the Foreign Office che…
RT @UniteCyprusNow: UCN activists will be at the various crossing points tomorrow to observe procedures for T.Cypriots crossing to vote and…
RT @PeterEgan6: This is horrible @stae_elephants we are campaigning to stop this cruelty pls follow and support : Elephant calf 'collapses…
Stop bias against Brexit or face fine, BBC warned ' | via @telegraph https://t.co/WKu4ZswRCO
RT @pearloftheseaa: My beautiful cat was killed by a group of low life boys with slingshots in Gravesend, Kent. The police have released a…
RT @guardian: EU fraud watchdog considering Nigel Farage investigation https://t.co/DfogcJyq0F
It's deeply worrying that as racism & race hate crimes are on the rise, we could have a PM who called African 'pica… https://t.co/hOPyyvGhMt
RT @GirloftheN: Nigel Farage is always pontificating about changing the EU from within. He’s been a fucking MEP within it for twenty years.…
It's almost like he'd say anything to anyone to become PM. https://t.co/Kw41HeEJ5W
RT @libdemvoice: Cable: Conservative Party interest has always trumped national interest https://t.co/zuyz9Gmj6k