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Twitter bio: Daughter of immigrants. Zero tolerance of racism. Equalities spokesperson, Lib Dems. House of Lords. Animal lover. My views.

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 25 Jun 2010
RT @SkyNews: "She scratched our neighbours' front door to get help" - Robert's dog Flora detects his epileptic seizures before they happen.…
RT @Otto_English: Occasional reminder that Paul Nuttall MEP and his (presumably still) girlfriend Louise Bours MEP are both still receiving…
RT @MrTickle3: #Evidence UKIP's spokesperson directly names Quilliam as being responsible for providing UKIP's racist narrative which @appg
RT @nazkebab77: Salaam! I'm curating an arts project bringing the unique language of #Islamicart & the #MuslimWomen creating it 2 @Guest_Pr
RT @_AnimalAdvocate: If the tables turn on sociopaths as they enjoy the torture of noble #animals, our joy is always undermined by the inev…
RT @MichaelRosenYes: This is going to be massively all over the media. Marr, Peston, Newsnight, Channel 4, sky news, Guardian, Times, Teleg…
RT @AssedBaig: Nothing like a BBC drama to help you recruit hey? One that uses Muslims as a threat too?
RT @thomasbrake: .@LibDems back call to phase out animal experiments that cause extreme suffering, to reduce deformities in pedigree pets,…
Seems #Bodyguard was overhyped, & reincarnation of @Misskeeleyhawes a tad far fetched.
So mystery solved. It was the Muslim suicide bomb woman all along! #Bodyguard
So Nadia the suicide bomb woman built the bomb, but she didn't strap it onto David Budd? I'm confused. #Bodyguard