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Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho

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Twitter bio: "Dot com dinosaur" apparently. Founder @doteveryoneuk. Chancellor of @openuniversity + cross bench peer @ukhouseoflords Board @twitter @chanel @queenscomtrust

Affiliation: Crossbench
Join Date: 25 Mar 2013
RT @doteveryone: First in-depth research into the hopes and concerns of more than 1,000 UK tech workers finds they want more conscious, res…
RT @rachelcoldicutt: I haven’t tweeted about this since at least Saturday, so this your daily reminder that we’re hiring! Join the best tea…
My friend made this and it’s a classy show so I reckon it’s worth tuning in https://t.co/IwiH70NdNl
We would love to work with someone to challenge our thinking and keep us on our toes - age, race, background - irre… https://t.co/mDe9WzWuSk
This is a great role - open to everyone who likes what we do - don’t exclude yourself before you’ve even talked to… https://t.co/FeelV9qyaW
RT @sarahdrinkwater: On the morning we hear student acceptances of Facebook roles have gone from 85% yes in 2015 to 35% yes in 2018, me for…
Bit late to this but good and thoughtful analysis by ⁦@karaswisher⁩ on trends + how increasing complexity + connect… https://t.co/iFl0wfWEIZ
This if Adrian, he has the best job in the world. In charge of the @BBCr4today radio car #happyplace https://t.co/cOnz1FjcEH
RT @kathygriffin: Never forget. Never look away. Imagine yourself in their place. https://t.co/KxQGDhKhKf
Yes. This. Well said, one of best effects of 5g to date... https://t.co/5hQZLqNSrG
Twitter! Going on @BBCr4today in morning to talk 5g - what’s the best example you’ve heard that makes its rollout EXTREMELY EXCITING 🤷🏼‍♀️
RT @tabithagold: Couldn't be more excited for a future where these awesome AI Council members collaborate with government and the whole AI…
RT @cgorellbarnes: a complete loss of the West Antarctic ice sheet would drive global sea levels up by about five metres, drowning coastal…
Life goal nailed - sing happy birthday with david Attenborough #ou50https://t.co/6VHqwY35ey
A fitting end to the @OpenUniversity #ou50 birthday dinner as the wonderful David Attenborough tells us about how h… https://t.co/PnplFWIwnE
RT @CharlotteMende1: Twenty-five white men. Can’t stop thinking about it. #Alabama
RT @nytimes: Breaking News: San Francisco became the first major U.S. city to ban the use of facial recognition technology by police and ot…
Only just found this https://t.co/9KUubcC030 from @Greenpeace an attempt to gauge the environmental impact of websites and apps 👍🏻