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Baroness Ludford

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Twitter bio: @LibDemLords Brexit spokes, ex MEP. Islingtonian/Londoner/Brit/European/#CitizenoftheWorld. #StopBrexitSaveBritain #PeoplesVote. Married to Steve Hitchins.

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 30 Sep 1997
Don’t mock veterans; they’re some of our strongest supporters for #LetsStay, given their experience of European war… https://t.co/12s3tbZ9P6
Very appropriate that Gold is playing ‘Young at Heart’ as I prepare to set off to #PutitothePeopleMarch, almost hal… https://t.co/8QsFW79gCO
Remind me how many people on Farage’s ‘Leave means Leave’ march (the one he failed to go on, btw). About 70? https://t.co/UJRkTVHjZZ
.@nadhimzahawi on #r4today asks: ‘How do we explain that we have failed to deliver #Brexit’? Where to start? Incom… https://t.co/jm0QrFwDsv
Tony Blair: ‘Are the people really going to riot because we are asking them if what they thought then they still t… https://t.co/xW2Grg57ej
RT @StrongerStabler: Tory MP Christopher Davies has pleaded guilty to 2 expenses fraud charges. He provided false/misleading information f…
Interesting coincidence of timing between Mueller report on Trump/Russia and our anti-Brexit protests & petitions.… https://t.co/cdFUNq3okn
Thanks for your tireless fantastic work Nick and all at @IslingtonIn; it is indeed great news that @tom_watson will… https://t.co/XWe6Kt30Mk
“@Twitter has started showing users tweets from accounts that are followed by those they follow..putting these post… https://t.co/stLc4crDFc
I’ve been puzzling for indeed the last couple of months about odd stuff appearing in my TL... https://t.co/PTa8X4Gs10
“Lord Evans suggested levels of intimidation having damaging impact on public debate..attack on parl democracy..cas… https://t.co/Eml133exOy
RT @SkyNewsBreak: DUP Deputy Leader Nigel Dodds MP has accused Prime Minister Theresa May of an "inexcusable" failure to strike a better Br…
And the other 4% mainly Brits living elsewhere in EEA; free movement, y’know.. https://t.co/1ijJvQK9Ej
The Regent’s Canal behind KX/St P stations is now such a great area https://t.co/75FVNe0Bbu
Police are involved, as in all too many other cases of threats against MPs, so your ‘serious doubt’ is seriously &… https://t.co/gVXkCsRN8E
Well done @timfarron. The headline is disgraceful clickbait given that the content consists of refutations to it eg… https://t.co/LRH7OZDHQW
‘Remain is unambiguously better than what is on offer: better for democratic rights, better for economic democracy,… https://t.co/dL7JL8XXZx
.@EmmanuelMacron: “I understand that nothing has changed. Therefore this is good news for the EPP and for Mr Orbán.… https://t.co/sV6bZnYgOt
Need to update: now 3.5 million ‘Revoke’ signatures! https://t.co/TD0Wry5wTK