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Baroness Ludford

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Twitter bio: @LibDemLords Brexit spokes, ex MEP. Islingtonian/Londoner/Brit/European/#CitizenoftheWorld. Want #ExitfromBrexit #PeoplesVote. Married to Steve Hitchins.

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 30 Sep 1997
“Shortly after the Art 50 process triggered in 2017, Liam Fox said: ‘We’re going to replicate the 40 EU free trade… https://t.co/L2lz92WCJw
‘Britain has failed to finalise most trade deals needed to replace the EU’s 40 existing agreements with leading glo… https://t.co/8Ii1oavCQg
I met a woman who, with her family, have UK residence (‘Indefinite Leave to Remain’). She would like them all to ge… https://t.co/ujKuu0z0gy
76% of Lab voters think wrong to Leave And Jeremy is resisting a #PeoplesVote with option to #Remain with all his m… https://t.co/NfAjGUUpUh
I try to listen to all (well, most!) speeches in Lords Brexit debates but when Lilley spoke the other day I complet… https://t.co/QEcGxIYYBp
‘Jeremy has a responsibility to get off the fence, make his view clear & provide effective opposition. Either he b… https://t.co/CeYOZC1LEg
While this is no doubt necessary flexibility in the circumstances, it means #Brexit is depriving us of European res… https://t.co/CYwpE2Khcm
7 mths for passage of legislation??? Ridiculous. Can be drastically curtailed. And 12 weeks for Electoral Comm ques… https://t.co/DoIoUIwaiQ
Modesty prevents me from telling you that @caronmlindsay called my recent Brexit speech in the Lords on the proud h… https://t.co/WNhDklfc1T
And we @LibDems are getting bigger and stronger all the time, not least as former Tory supporters join us disgusted… https://t.co/BvvoqoEj54
Farage at Ritz Brexit party 2016, from ⁦@DailyMirror⁩: “the wealthy former stockbroker, professional politician and… https://t.co/BkEOvkg0B3
RT @tnewtondunn: Yvette Cooper and Hilary Benn have just walked into the Cabinet Office to see Lidington and Gove. So they're the first to…
RT @PaulBrandITV: NEW: Jeremy Corbyn has sent an email to all Labour MPs appealing for them not to speak to the government until No Deal is…
.@standardnews reports that T May ‘rebuffed growing calls to rule out a no-deal #Brexit by issuing a formal call-ou… https://t.co/oCetu3c4TS
Good God, what a farce, though very unfunny for businesses that would be disrupted, jobs imperilled, and people dep… https://t.co/UNNU4z7sWB
RT @NBCNews: BREAKING: HHS office of inspector general says “thousands” more children than previously thought were separated from their par…