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Baroness Mcintosh Of Pickering

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Twitter bio: Anne McIntosh, Adviser on Food, Farming, Water and Environment. MP from 1997-March 2015. http://t.co/XpBc42onk88 https://t.co/4nuMjj6z0F

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 6 Oct 2015
RT @UKHouseofLords: #Brexit and farming next as @AnneCMcIntosh asks govt for its assessment of proposed tariffs in event of no deal exit. W…
RT @nymr: #CharityTuesday Our membership has just got better! Not only do you still receive 50% off travel, we have also added some additio…
And how.much of all 3 , Faroes, Norway & Iceland will involve lots of fish imports to the UK,,,? https://t.co/ZyEDJz8ZbW
European Parliament elections are no barrier to extending Art 50: Why can we not either extend the mandate of exist… https://t.co/dRrCFBhqYK
RT @benbthewriter: UPDATE: Government offers assurance over post-Brexit access to vital food safety alerts https://t.co/bCCbwHfqRF #farming
I have just voted for you and I hope many others will too @WhiteRoseBooks #WRBtowin https://t.co/DIjy3KlmJc
Ive just voted for you and hope many others will too...🌞 https://t.co/XRyKrQrRPA
Det har været hyggeligt at se Dk repræsenteret på konferece i London
RT @AE_Alliance: Tomorrow is #WorldEncephalitisDay!!! Help raise awareness for #AutoimmuneEncephalitis by sharing this poster on social med…
RT @encephalitis: Well... not long to go until #WorldEncephalitisDay - we hope you will join Annabelle and her family in wearing something…
Why it’s not too late to step back from the Brexit brink https://t.co/UcNcyDdetM
#Brexit: Faroes deal means we export £6mn goods to them and import £200mn goods from them..
After earlier news of 7 Labour MPs resigning to become independents, you could not make this up.. https://t.co/1fpofhyuok