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Baroness McIntosh of Pickering

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Twitter bio: Anne McIntosh, Adviser on Food, Farming, Water and Environment. MP from 1997-March 2015. http://t.co/XpBc42onk88 https://t.co/4nuMjj6z0F

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 6 Oct 2015
Richly deserved in a strong field of entries..congrats to @Bags_of_Taste https://t.co/RKqErVAuGH
Brilliant occasion and well deserved winners but #FDFAwards nominees should be rightly proud too https://t.co/bohjAGDDLl
RT @Peston: Lord Keen for the PM says that if Supreme Court finds PM’s advice to queen to prorogue Parliament was unlawful, he will abide b…
There are at least 6 main Bills and 5 smaller ones..we were told two year parliamentary Session required to pass al… https://t.co/kpYfGYRAmJ
2/2 the fact the Env Bill was not passed means there is no Office of Environmental Protection created so there will… https://t.co/ndqvJl68P9
1/2 The Parliamentary Session was specifically extended to 2 years to pass the Agriculture Bill, Fisheries Bill, Im… https://t.co/uv5RTf15os
Suspension of parliament IS unlawful, Scottish judges rule  https://t.co/M3PADwDk71 via https://t.co/QMl3InvJmB
Brilliant appointment.. the right man in the right place at the right time https://t.co/uMTTxctYPG
How extraordinary:we were told we needed a two year parliamentary session to pass six bills such as Agriculture, E… https://t.co/OKSwumYvWf
RT @benbthewriter: Still time to enter The Yorkshire Post's Rural Awards in association with @BishopBurton, entry deadline is end of Wednes…
RT @AnneCMcIntosh: @thameswater Any chance at the very least that the traffic disruption can be reduced and not redirected to a road alread…
Sensible precaution especially as the strongest tremor was an aftershock days after fracking suspended :https://t.co/iw9OIJV9Nc
RT @prweekuknews: Lord Tim Bell, a titan of PR, has died 77. PRWeek UK editor-in-chief @dannyrogers2001 looks back at his career and his im…