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Twitter bio: The Baroness Mone of Mayfair OBE. Award Winning Entrepreneur, Global Speaker, Designer, Mentor, Government Biz Tsar 2015,No1 Autobiography "My Fight To The Top"

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 30 Sep 2015
Well done to everyone who raised an incredible amount of money for the kids last night #ballacottier #katielawrence
It was such an honour to meet one of my greatest business icons tonight Larry Ellison #malibu
Loved being the keynote speaker at last nights @BVCA awards. Now it’s time to head to Los Angeles #Blockchain
Join me live at 8pm on @qvcuk Can’t wait to wear my stunning new dress by #jennypackham
RT @CwC_UK: @MichelleMone we are looking to spread the word about Childhood Cancer Awareness Month #CCAM, could you retweet us? We'd really…
Just landed ✈️Live in 5 mins & at 8pm tonight. No1 designer collection on @qvcuk
You have 13 followers and we haven’t launched as yet. What your point caller?
Only 3 weeks until our massive Global announcement. We are going from a UK business into a Global empire! @Equi_Global
No sorry to disappoint you but all of my HOL allowance goes to cancer charities.
...Life is too short to have so much negative energy. And to the ones who’s salaries are paid by our taxes, in my o…
...It’s where I grew up and I feel a responsibility to help however I can. The show aires soon and was a very posit…
I’m surprised by the negative reaction of so many people to a TV show that hasn’t even come out yet. This TV show h…
...I have so much respect for my background, home&the people of Glasgow especially the East End which you’ll be abl…
...It’s so disappointing that people have made a snap judgement on what the series is about&I hope they will reserv…
I have to address some of the horrendous comments going around on social media re the new Channel 4 show I am parta…
My thoughts & prayers go out to the people involved in the disaster #Genoa #Italy