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Baroness Morgan Of Ely

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Twitter bio: Welsh Labour leadership candidate. AM for Mid & West. Member, House of Lords, Former MEP. Aelod Llafur dros Gor a Chanol Cymru. Aelod o Dy'r Arglwyddi, cyn ASE.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 24 Jan 2011
RT @LeaderNewport: @Eluned_Morgan Thanks! The respect agenda is a key aspect for local government - it is a triangle of governance - MP/AM/…
Diolch am wrando heno. So many things are changing. I want us to be the victors, not the victims, of change. We m… https://t.co/PkkrQ9rqP6
We need to consider where our priorities are. I talked with the charity Soldiers off the Street in Rhyl to underst… https://t.co/KY8XDRu3Gx
If you take away the concerns relating to debt, the research from @itvMLshow shows, then mental-health recovery is… https://t.co/wTyyA4U4vD
We should trial UBI in Wales, we need to grow a fair economy, we can increase local work by regulating to build ene… https://t.co/BdAHPCpIkR
Yes, more Active Citizen education is necessary in our schools but social media can also be a mechanism for better… https://t.co/RWb0EQTm3t
My government would listen to and would deliver for all young people, not just those that go to university. We nee… https://t.co/hTFYI3ouNf
The younger people to start to vote, the more likely they are to continue. We have to get the vote out & educate mo… https://t.co/eHRo3gZhPF
I would ask a panel of experts to completely review our tax system in Wales in order to make a future, Wales-specific tax system.
Local Authorities need freedom to learn from each other, to collaborate, and to decide for themselves what's best f… https://t.co/FgB9bPUasx
We need a new mutual Respect Agenda between Welsh Government and @WLGA - for our schools, our libraries, our all-im… https://t.co/r9i6VrrR2R
I was keen to support OMOV and in the 2nd part of the consultation, I'm very keen to ensure Local Government is inv… https://t.co/5Ay9tJ2L0I
In order to get Jeremy Corbyn into No.10, we need to reach out and get the seats that we haven't yet. I believe I… https://t.co/kpn3KC6gx9
RT @FUWpress: "The FUW has been consistent in its view that the best way to minimise disruption & economic damage to agriculture & other in…
RT @stevethomas100: If the DUP votes against the Brexit “Deal” can we have the £1billion transferred to Wales? Civil servants told to stop…
As I said in July, I'd appoint a Minister for North Wales. Through BTB, I know that the north feels out of the loop… https://t.co/b5HApQeMpi
We've got to do what's best for Wales. Our dependency on EU trade, where we have 65% of our trade, means it is goin… https://t.co/FzJuzXHPCW
RT @RCorbettMEP: #BrexitDeal : Five hours just to clear the first hurdle: her own cabinet which she appointed. Next hurdles (her party,…
Our EU membership helps Wales defend against a Tory government in the UK. I want to see a Remain option on a… https://t.co/9wLgqTzed4