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Baroness Northover

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Twitter bio: Leading on Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs for Lib Dems, House of Lords, UK Trade Envoy to Angola and Zambia, and former DFID Minister.

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 1 May 2000
Eclipse of the moon through taxi window on phone! https://t.co/MHjZdZetdl
RT @bankofengland: Introducing the face of the new £50 note - the father of computer science, Alan Turing.” Find out more https://t.co/pO7e…
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Oh dear. Final panel @TheGlobalPartnership #GPEDC when all speakers are sent to represent their countries and orga… https://t.co/r0f1dkwQQP
I love this product placement by Elissa Golberg, Asst Dep Minister, Global Affairs, #Canada - her reusable water bo… https://t.co/7yvlkUOKP8
The ⁦@UN⁩’s ability to influence for good may be limited by what its nation state members enable it to do, but it i… https://t.co/EJsMEz3Pyc
Amazing reminder of what the ⁦@UN⁩ is all about. Why multilateral working together is vital for all of us. https://t.co/WpB2S9OI8h
In case the world gets complacent, Prof Eun Mee Kim #SouthKorea warns that the following areas are going *backwards… https://t.co/r4R0GV3LCN
.⁦@santalasatu⁩, speaking both for Govt of #Finland and #EU Presidency shows how working together in #EU maximises… https://t.co/YnCMui59dR
Remarkable ⁦@AminaJMohammed⁩ Dep Sec Gen ⁦@UN⁩: young people now have high expectations. #AI may displace jobs, the… https://t.co/U5iZxdlQUO
Delighted to be representing ⁦@UKParliament⁩ ⁦@BGIPU⁩ with ⁦@LordMcConnell⁩ at ⁦pre meeting on #SDGs ⁦… https://t.co/nWkAZ7ErJC
#Conservative Lord Howell suggests that #Trump forgets things that bother him quite quickly and gets bothered by so… https://t.co/c8KQXHtg6L
Our #European links. The ⁦@GrenadierGds⁩ were formed in #Ghent and here they are playing at the #Flanders National… https://t.co/7ETgEjnWdb
Extraordinary to see how #Ebola and other dangerously infectious #diseases are cared for at ⁦@RoyalFreeNHS⁩ - encas… https://t.co/TIOhPLbjqR
Fantastic to visit ⁦@RoyalFreeNHS⁩ specialist centre where #Ebola cases were treated, and may be again if epidemic… https://t.co/5p5T6xuMvX
RT @liberalinternat: President of @LibIntBg @LPNorthover warms #LIECLondon of the #Brexit threat & thanks the global #liberal family for it…
.⁦@hansvanbaalen⁩, President of the Liberal Democratic group across Europe, speaks to ⁦@liberalinternat⁩ meeting in… https://t.co/LT1ufe03wu
I am glad that he’s doing OK. I hope Nazanin is as well. https://t.co/BvccvM5mAq
This is such a wonderful appointment! The only thing is that @UKParliament will sorely miss her! And her good-tem… https://t.co/3VLgGpMOOS