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Twitter bio: Liberal Democrat councillor for Cleckheaton ward in Kirklees and,since 2014, Lib Dem Baroness. Speaks in Lords on Local Government. Views are mine ...

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 23 Sep 2014
RT @steveayris: "We are a Remain country now with 60% wanting to stop the Brexit mess. #ExitfromBrexit #PutitToThePeople" Lib Dem leader,…
"Referenda are dangerous as they are majoritarian - rule by majority for majority;others are excluded." Says starter of The petition
Democracy "includes all voices - all are listened to and if possible taken on board.” Woman from Huddersfield THE petition starter /4
The Huddersfield woman who started THE petition " Plus all this talk about democracy: democracy is rule by society for society.” /3
"It's just given folk with no voice a way to speak out and we've been bottled up for so long it's like a dam bursting.” Petition starter /2
"I got up to 100,000 before the rocket set off. Then came May's desperate and somewhat sinister speech..." Huddersfield woman 1/1
The resident said: "I got up to 100,000 before the rocket set off. "Then came May's desperate and somewhat sinister speech..."
RT @LibDemsNow: Why not just entirely ignore the biggest demo ever and a massive chance to actually oppose govt in a hugely visible way? Wh…
RT @ALDC: In my last months as Lib Dem leader I’m determined to do one thing – force another Brexit referendum With less than a week to go,…
Yes. That is what Lib Dem’s have been campaigning for. A People’s Vote with May’s Deal or Remain https://t.co/mApJB1dbra
3,822,258 signatures !!. Can we get to FOUR MILLION tonight? Keep signing and sharing
3.7million. Don’t believe naysayers of losing Brexiters. These are real people signing. One small act. Together one big result!
RT @LoubinWally: The Nissans, and Jaguars and Panasonics are the tip... but it's the "little stories" like these that are sadly and quietly…
In a democracy you can’t ignore 48%. May has. Look where it has got her, and the country https://t.co/6qYax7IHOW
#Farage is losing the argument so resorts to violence. That’s what all demagogues do https://t.co/AOvXxkSlqt
THREE MILLION! 3,047,041 signatures. Sign and share. Sign and share. https://t.co/oDIEcs6z67