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Baroness Sheehan

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Twitter bio: Lib Dem Peer and party Spokesperson for International Development

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 2 Oct 2015
RT @thomasbrake: Don’t forget to make your voice heard at the #PeoplesVoteMarch this Saturday! The public deserve a #FinalSay on #Brexit,…
Is that why you’re against a people’s vote? https://t.co/Jz3JCBXQc2
RT @JMPSimor: The Mother of all Parliaments brought back from the dead by Bercow. His whole statement refusing to allow motion on deal to…
RT @joswinson: Few workplaces have the chitchat: "I was wondering with reference to the precedent of 1604..." But under all the parliament…
Yup - let’s stop the brexiters salivating at the thought of a no deal. Time to stop the panto in Parliament and put… https://t.co/7t76vrpvdm
No holding back now - put on your walking shoes. See you there! https://t.co/e2UxKJ9kiW
RT @Wera_Hobhouse: May now officially can't keep coming back with the same deal. Her deal is dead, and unless she finds significant changes…
This has gone on long enough. Give us our democracy back, let us decide our future https://t.co/qEEIerMWv4
RT @mrjamesob: Islamophobia seems to be at its vilest & most dangerous in Australia, America & the UK at the moment. I'm sure they have som…
One rule for the ruling elite and a different one for the rest of UK #giveUSasayonthedeal https://t.co/jwB2aK2dPQ
Brilliant! Access to justice = access to human rights. Simple https://t.co/RF3ErEXBBa
Yet another attack on the aid budget to help eradicate global extreme poverty and realise #SDGs . Liberal Democrats… https://t.co/hmLVj0B0Fm