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Twitter bio: Labour peer. Shadow DWP Minister, House of Lords. Curate. Loves Twitter but tweets erratically.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 17 Jun 2010
RT @FictionFox: ‘We are Easter people.’ A Lindchester update for you. https://t.co/n9Z6Q2Jw5e
Thanks to @RevArun for a very moving service of communion & footwashing for #MaundyThursday @stnicsdurham tonight &… https://t.co/BjK8MpHr5j
I love Patrick Kidd’s writing. Even in little pieces, he sees and says things others don’t. https://t.co/VHR2uDjIaj
RT @TrussellTrust: There are many reasons why people need #foodbanks but on @BBCWorldatOne Amber Rudd said #UniversalCredit is ‘absolutely…
RT @paulargooder: ‘Our holy and beautiful house, where our ancestors praised you, has been burned by fire and our pleasant places have bec…
We have adjourned for the Easter recess until Wed 24 April. Is it #GinOClock yet? https://t.co/81Sd0CpjiZ
RT @SelsdonChapman: Another day, another set of conversations with MPs who are being routinely abused, threatened & intimidated, along with…
Slightly surreally, while the Commons are voting on a motion to agree to the PM seeking to delay Exit Day, we are d… https://t.co/VVYCKgNp1l
Well this has cheered up my day! Thank you to the lovely folk from @churchstate https://t.co/7HclfMkE4Q
In a brief respite from Brexit, am looking at the impact of govt reforms to bereavement benefits ahead of Questions… https://t.co/zmxXZf8ORW
Phew. Great work all round. Thank you & goodnight. https://t.co/LFvoF6amTD
RT @labourwhips: The #CooperLetwinBill passes and accepts the Lords Amdts, it should very shortly become law as it has completed all its st…
RT @giles_fraser: Great news! The Home Office have accepted my new friends into accommodation - in Glasgow. Calling any good hearted church…
The #CooperLetwinBill has passed through the House of Lords. A clerk will shortly walk it the short distance back to the Commons.
No amendments tabled for 3rd Reading of the #CooperLetwinBill.
Ok, so no amendments tabled for Report stage of the #CooperLetwinBill. Now we wait till 7.37 for 3rd Reading.
The #CooperLetwinBill has passed its Committee stage with some amendments. There is now a period during which peers… https://t.co/AIF0Pw5mTf