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Baroness Shields

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Twitter bio: CEO of @benevolent_ai. Former UK Minister for Internet Safety & Security. Founder of @WePROTECT.

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 16 Sep 2014
RT @antonioguterres: Hate speech is spreading like wildfire. Social media is being exploited as a platform for bigotry. Public discourse i…
RT @TheIndGroup: .@Anna_Soubry has a message ahead of tomorrow's #PeoplesVote March in London. It's time for the government to allow a fina…
Why Instagram’s anti-vaccine problem isn’t surprising - Vox https://t.co/MRkXopWklI
RT @cwowomen: Our thoughts are with the family and friends of PC Keith Palmer as we remember his bravery and sacrifice. #strongertogether
It’s easy to detect an object as distinctive as an assault rifle or a knife automatically in a live video stream &… https://t.co/6ZW4LVIHAO
Democracy in action. The electorate has the right to think again and it’s happening. Watch the tally grow. This isn… https://t.co/Hn1bQVPb2F
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RT @Tobias_Ellwood: Thank you Mr. Anonymous. Please challenge my view; present an alternative opinion ; sight historical examples; affirm…
The new @Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence aims to become an interdisciplinary hub for… https://t.co/CI2hPuCKmS
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The series comes amid soaring numbers of referrals to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, to wh… https://t.co/oBk3Pk9ZyC
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