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Baroness Tyler Of Enfield

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Twitter bio: @UKHouseofLords Peer, @LibDems Mental Health Spokesperson, Chair Children's Mental Health Comm #VBCAMH. Passionate about social mobility, Co-Chair @SocMobAPPG

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 28 Jan 2011
RT @SocMobAPPG: The gap in achievement between pupils from different social backgrounds is one of the main causes of England’s social mobil…
Me too! Really hoping Government and @DamianHinds in particular will take our @SocMobAPPG Report recommendations s… https://t.co/5eNASXrYrW
RT @BrilliantClub: Great to see the @SocMobAPPG report out this morning looking at the regional attainment gap. Interesting read from @just
Currently it will take 40 years to close the attainment gap between children from more disadvtaged areas & backgro… https://t.co/G70PGHbp3K
I think the abuse that @lucianaberger has had to contend with is appalling and applaud her brave decision to leave… https://t.co/eLWfaDRURR
It’s the only solution left and needs to happen asap https://t.co/9wyycLNiTc
Me too! Improving people’s #wellbeing should so clearly be the goal of public policy and politicians. Also taken by… https://t.co/nXoEexagi6
All credit to Lib Dem MP @Wera_Hobhouse for her Private Members Bill which forced the Government to introduce this… https://t.co/qmhgDXp6c2
I strongly feel that sanctions should be applied to CCGs who fail to meet the Mentsl Health Investment Standard wit… https://t.co/5ZBlYC7U5s
I’ve been calling for this for some time but think it is critical now if the Long Term Plan is to mean anything https://t.co/WNfus3GJiV
Many children and young people still face a huge battle to access mental health support. You can read my… https://t.co/0yiP34jLhd
Many children and young people still face a huge battle to access mental health support. You can read my… https://t.co/ovTgKbMvOF
Most of the aspirations in the Long Term Plan are right but the reality on the ground bears no resemblance to the r… https://t.co/M9Jy2zKVyp
Thanks Kate for your excellent speech in eating disorders. Much still to do in this area. https://t.co/jPQKNnhzYE
Actually for a dinner break debate the attendance was quite good with important contributions from all benches. Res… https://t.co/N8vWWEPcfi
Something must be done - and quickly- to improve children’s mental health services. In my debate tomorrow I will be… https://t.co/QsUAcb1l30
Looking forward to asking some searching questions of Government tomorrow about wholly unacceptable state of childr… https://t.co/J88gJazFyg
Very good briefing note from the House of Lords library for my debate on children’s mental health next Wednesday. https://t.co/WoGFaI2Az4
It was a wonderful tribute-so heartfelt and true to the man. We miss you so much Paddy. Tremendous thanks to Liz. https://t.co/zganVspw21
So true - am appalled by this at so many levels. Why no mention of this policy in otherwise excellent @BBC programm… https://t.co/J9fSCRR6bD