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Baroness Uddin

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Twitter bio: Parliamentarian

Affiliation: Independent
Join Date: 18 Jul 1998
Seventh explosion hits Sri Lanka with 130 dead & over 500 injured. Remembering all whom perished in this murderous… https://t.co/mEHcsPV7B9
RT @RashidaTlaib: We are creating a whole generation of children who will remember what we did. They will remember we caged them like anima…
RT @MunaTasneem: Was grand to cut #Bangladesh #48IndependenceDay cake wt Hon St Min Foreign Affairs ⁦@MdShahriarAlam⁩ UK Defence Minister R…
#Venezuela has the highest oil reserve in the world, cry for #HumanRights #Democracy may have to take a back seat… https://t.co/aB7VL3BuUc
Government loses substantial motion @UKParliament takes control
Government responses to @oletwinofficial 'it sets dangerous presidents'
Letwin amendments through allowing MPs to take control of Parliamentary timetables on wednesday to vote on alternat… https://t.co/WoqZOOa372
Old news, worth sharing BBC News - Comic Relief money invested in arms and tobacco shares https://t.co/Xd9DqQZUGk
Oxford college to investigate its own role in colonialism https://t.co/4ayG7iMAbW
Indefensible @newswatchbbc interview @bbckamal about his judgements and #bbcnews disrespectful coverage of… https://t.co/BFtxAyFnc9
EU leaders agree on plan to delay Article 50 with conditions https://t.co/bBeIRnltfd Sent via @updayUK