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Baroness Vere Of Norbiton

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Twitter bio: Baroness Vere of Norbiton. Government Whip and Baroness-in-Waiting - BEIS, MoJ, DEFRA and the Law Officers

Affiliation: Conservative
Join Date: 30 Aug 2016
RT @alexmassie: Jesus suffering Christ, the deal is an attempt to take no deal off the table. That's why it's called a "deal". https://t.co…
And some people, on all sides, will have to compromise and work together for the good of our country #BrexitDeadlock https://t.co/ovwKPismFY
RT @tompeck: Whenever Corbyn is asked why he invited Hamas, Hezbollah or the IRA to the House of Commons, or wanted to post the novichok sa…
RT @christopherhope: Jeremy Corbyn has a constitutional role as Leader of HM Opposition. He receives a significant salary for his extra dut…
As we were told many times during the campaign, Brexit is a cross-party endeavour bringing together the supporters… https://t.co/1ciQBytIQb
Read the Hansard from the Moses Room yesterday - deliberate and coordinated disruption by a vocal few https://t.co/MXXy9o6SXc
RT @Pat_conolly: As you all know me and my wife have won the £115 euromillions jackpot, we’re looking for 50 people to give some of the win…
RT @YouGov: On 2 Jan, the media will be awash with stories about outrage over train ticket prices going up. Yet 39% of Brits haven't set fo…
RT @philatrail: True to say it was a Labour government that decided passengers should pay a greater proportion of rail costs. https://t.co/…
RT @MrsNoBags: Beautiful NY’s walk with @CharlotteV in our beloved park. Found this Chinese lantern close to some deer.Not #ecofriendly + h…
RT @JamesTCobbler: Over the last 12 months we have recruited 148 people from prison to work in the business. Thanks to my colleague @darren
RT @DavidGauke: Merry Christmas and many thanks to all the prison governors and officers who are working today @hmpps
The family Brexit chat has started - I have holes in my tongue ... #Brexit #FamilyChristmas
He will be much missed ... it’s a sad Whips Office this evening https://t.co/lXbw5LyMk7
Me too - as the whip in the Lords, alongside Lords Minister Lord Gardiner in his elephant tie. https://t.co/tixmb2Pb7n
Looking forward to it … though I think it'll start later than 6pm! https://t.co/7MgLu5YQX4
New York? You listening? The replies are London ... 😂 https://t.co/dP6GCc7lH2
RT @Jeremy_Hunt: Huge congrats to @theresa_may whose stamina, resilience and decency has again won the day and given her the chance to deli…
Business is as much about compromise as politics https://t.co/1MeMzbUsAP