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Baroness Wolf of Dulwich

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Twitter bio: Wrote The XX Factor, examines professional women’s lives across the globe. King's College London academic, author, broadcaster.

Affiliation: Crossbench
Join Date: 2 Dec 2014
RT @kingsmathschool: John, legendary @kingsmathschool student, solves the maths problem posed to the nation by the BBC this morning. Such p…
This seems horribly like a way for anyone to keep a sizeable chunk of apprenticeship levy spending in-house. Just l… https://t.co/11YD8N8x7U
RT @TomHale_: The complex financial structures behind new university accommodation buildings in the UK https://t.co/MxuS3mOmfg
RT @colmharmon: RT @TheEconomist: When universities are accessible to the masses, does the value of degrees decrease? https://t.co/eDiqVGyu…
RT @Birdyword: Half of the population of the UK lives inside this snake https://t.co/nHtLwkTgOW
A cautionary tale about government training provision as well as the use of injunctions: nice to think that change… https://t.co/CMrGfQtNzw
Yes, this is really bad news given the ongoing crisis in construction trianing. https://t.co/C5z7b2yPYa
https://t.co/wyUDBpeUNk. Link to fees is indeed clear. Huge increase in firsts makes where you went even more impor… https://t.co/tFuNQuP28B
RT @MrBaileyM: The people who denounce Oxford for not admitting enough black kids, who then bemoan Sam Gyimah for having gone to Oxford, ha…
RT @SteveCooke: A student has combined a request that my module be made more relevant to the labour market with a complaint about the 9am s…
Delighted to see that Ben Hunt @bjaminhh is joining Office for Students student advisory panel. He made a big factu… https://t.co/IrZqRJRl3t
This is very interesting - largely follows the economy but not totally. https://t.co/m9EvLrPwTW
Yes, but 'telling the truth' and 'giving opinions I will defer to' may not be at all the same thing. https://t.co/ou6XnOHTpx
RT @kingsmathschool: Sixth form college of the year! It's certainly been a winning week for us. 👏👏👏https://t.co/SU6UefPfuA
RT @kingsmathschool: Three generations. One Dyson Institute. What a place, what an opportunity! Thanks @Dyson https://t.co/SL0jdgS9ei
We do not need 'training', any more than we need numerical targets. We need training that is relevant, high quality… https://t.co/G4JCejGuhH
RT @CassSunstein: The law of group polarization (very much in effect these days; obstacle to sensible policymaking). https://t.co/DqCVaTOcgS
Given the power of contacts and networks, I'd actually have expected more than a 10% gap by class of origin https://t.co/w2aueQnS9a
PWC report today says migration cut 'threatens growth' (FT). PWC says cut 'insignificant' (Times). Same report. Alm… https://t.co/y2HNOiGEzD