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Twitter bio: The account used by Paddy Ashdown, now managed by his family.

Affiliation: Liberal Democrat
Join Date: 10 Jul 2001
Having snoozed contentedly over the weekend while their poor orphan leader has been out trying to win support for t… https://t.co/CgfWnxAhXt
We see clearly now who the ERG playgroup really are. Bad judgement, poor timing, over-grown egos, fantasy politics,… https://t.co/RtylzwAQhz
This Brexit shambles exposes how far the Conservatives Party has degenerated. For all her faults, Mrs May remains t… https://t.co/qoek1G5deo
With Raab gone May becomes a gonner. With May gone the Tories will not be able to find anyone to unite behind. And… https://t.co/lBduclnP2V
With Raab gone May becomes a gonner. With May gone the stories will not be able to find anyone to unite behind. And… https://t.co/63zCEB4DKC
Please note carefully I am NOT saying Pres Trump is a fascist. He is not. But he’s using the same techniques as the… https://t.co/aH0husjOr3
I have been so moved by all the lovely comments here. But PLEASE this does not merit a fuss. Many go through this.… https://t.co/S5XS8T1YCN
#bbctoday - Heseltine/Sands on selling Arms to Saudi Arabia. This question is NOT difficult its simple. Riyadh has… https://t.co/3caKa9WcA1
My good friend Nick Clegg’s reputation as a powerful voice for liberalism and democracy will now depend on his abil… https://t.co/dsk35yu1AF
Distracted by the present Brexit farce? Remember 1.The EU always does deals at the final hour - or after 2. Last mo… https://t.co/HqhugHZrYW
GRU incompetence. My new book, Nein! reveals that the GRU run, Geneva based Dora spy ring, which they claim was the… https://t.co/4GlAyCb6qJ
My new book, Nein! Standing up to Hitler, is published today. Synopsis here: https://t.co/cgfUSyW5k5 Sample Chapter… https://t.co/hZ8aIGGnyc
#Pula tsunami/earthquake horror: question for Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson: What was the position fo the nea… https://t.co/bMHq2u5gfb
A good PM she is most emphatically not. But listening - and more specifically - watching Theresa May’s speech today… https://t.co/LXJN6vC6mT
I have often thought of creating a game of Political Focus Group Bingo (for which the market would be admittedly niche) in which the players would tick off words and phrases on their cards as they were uttered by the focus group participants. One of th...
Towards the end of a fringe meeting yesterday, I half expected to hear a band strike up Rule Britannia. It was an ungodly hour – before 9am on a Monday – and Gavin Williamson had spent 45 minutes or so choosing his words very carefully. At a Conservati...
Can the Conservatives win in Canterbury, Middlesbrough and Midlothian at the same time? The question was debated by fine minds under the auspices of Policy Exchange, whose director Dean Godson declared it the pre-eminent question “of this conference, o...
There is no denying that conference-goers are divided on a question that goes to the very heart of our identity and outlook: do we miss the seaside? For all the advantages of Birmingham and Manchester, there are those who miss the bracing days of Black...
One of the most telling parts of the research I do is hearing from voters which political stories have stayed in their minds from the last few weeks and months. Notably, one of the first things to be mentioned in all our focus groups this month was the...
This piece was first published in the Mail on Sunday. Theresa May can arrive at the Conservative Conference today with a certain spring in her step following her slapdown of EU leaders after the Salzburg summit: my latest research shows that voters thi...