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Lord Beecham

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Twitter bio: Veteran Newcastle Cllr, ex-Chair LGA and Labour NEC, Shadow Justice Minister in Lords

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 20 Jul 2010
RT @_JennyMcKiernan: Gordon Brown calls for urgent investigation into Brexit Party’s ‘dirty money’ @Brexitparty_uk chairman Richard Tice t…
Shocking report by @HumanRights watch@guardiannews reveals schools in Oxford and elsewhere resort to food banks to… https://t.co/Q5z1VV2Gez
We’re in the 10th year of a Tory government (including their 5 year partnership with the Lib Dem’s) and the number… https://t.co/ldHCI6tdPA
RT @SeemaMalhotra1: It is depressing - & has got steadily worse over 8 yrs. RT @HounslowRedbox: Latest childhood poverty figures out they m…
RT @JamesMelville: Nigel Farage has stated that he wants to scrap the NHS and replace it with an insurance based system. A vote for the B…
RT @JonAshworth: In #mentalhealthawarenessweek its clear as @skynews exposed so many vulnerable children & young people are failed by menta…
A Lords committee warns that the estimated cost of HS2 will be more than the estimated £57m and will only reach Lee… https://t.co/hV1TBqUHn4
G4S? It’s time for G4Less as two of its drivers are suspended for abusive language about a patient @guardiannews
Grayling’s probation fiasco has cost the taxpayer £170m. Makes his ferry fiasco look like a bargain!
Grayling’s typically disastrous re/dis organisation of the probation service comes to an end after five years of chaos and faiure
Honda is closing it’s Swindon plant with the loss of 3500 jobs and they estimate a further 3000 will be lost in th… https://t.co/5aCiEXVMMF
RT @SocialistVoice: DWP apologises after elderly woman, 81, who was wrongly stripped of her benefits, committed suicide Joy Worrall commit…
Tory prescription for damaging the NHS- charge overseas doctors £thousands pa for visas and healthcare @guardiannews
The level of violence in privatised prisons is 50% higher in privatised prisons than in publically run prisons. Doe… https://t.co/noMudoza2Y
Tory NHS. England’s short of 9100 doctors and 40,000 nurses. And they used to claim “the NHS is safe in our hands”!
NHS hospitals heading for the emergency ward? 10 trusts spent £850m more than their budgets last year and 73 are expected to be in deficit.
National shame. A Dutch court refuses to send a suspected drug smuggler back to the UK because the condition of our… https://t.co/VX9YZxw1YJ
RT @JohnHealey_MP: This is welcome news, but it is astonishing that it has taken Ministers almost two years to act. The Government must no…
Yet another Home Office blunder. Plans for an emergency services communication network will cost £3bn more than exp… https://t.co/pY6uvcLpk9