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Lord Beecham

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Twitter bio: Veteran Newcastle Cllr, ex-Chair LGA and Labour NEC, Shadow Justice Minister in Lords

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 20 Jul 2010
How helpful! Councils face a funding shortfall for special educational needs children of £536m with numbers rising… https://t.co/yntUbJGCnE
At it again! Private contractors C(r)apita who have taken over a wide range of what were public services have fa… https://t.co/EluEWUj5Qw
RT @ForwardAssist1: We've spent years campaigning for this to be introduced into the UK @wcmtuk @JeremyBeecham @LizTwistMP @annietrev @Emma
RT @ShonaAlexander3: This week is #TalkMoneyWeek - money can be a tough subject to talk about, but we’re happy to support you. If you’re st…
RT @StevePeers: Rees-Mogg reportedly repeating a falsehood that the majority of UK trade is on WTO MFN terms. It's been rebutted many times…
Because we’re a great city with great people. But too many people are struggling as the numbers needing the food banks demionstrate
Do you deny that the Government has cut support by £280m a year for Newcastle ? Even Tory councils are complainin… https://t.co/cNpGC4VlUo
Going down? Even with a soft Brexit the UK is likely to have the slowest growth of all the 28 countries in Europe… https://t.co/3ZkMA33dgn
RT @LordCFalconer: Whether govt taken legal advice, and substance of advice normally not disclosed. Protects govt from disclosing advice h…
Waiting times for cancer treatment are currently the worst on record @guardiannews . Another product of the Tories’… https://t.co/kzWgiZINrS
Gave the welcoming speech at the Law Centres Network AGM in Newcastle. Deeply impressed by the commitment to justic… https://t.co/XApPZ6e3WQ
UN spokesman on extreme poverty and human rights visited the Benwell Food Bank in Newcastle yesterday and found peo… https://t.co/QiOuzmPIsZ
Sign of the times. Another Tory Council is in financial trouble. East Sussex has made savings of £129m, but after… https://t.co/I6Vhtobbze
RT @SadiqKhan: This is London: a Muslim Mayor and a Jewish community standing shoulder to shoulder. Our diversity is our strength. Proud t…
RT @NewcastleLabour: Thanks Adam it was good to meet up & listen to you and the Jewish Community Representatives 👏🏽👏🏽 https://t.co/Hq20WxoQ…
RT @nick_forbes: Thank you for such an informative and engaging session - our Group really enjoyed it and hopefully it marks the beginning…
RT @REWearmouth: UC changes for existing claimants, but no detail yet on what will happen for those whose circs change. Here @JessPhillips
RT @chelleryn99: I defy anyone not to have listened to @ChiOnwurah's speech at #LabSE18 and not recognise Labour have the answers to so man…
RT @ChiOnwurah: This is not something our Govt should be proud of. After the PM says austerity is over & the Chancellor's Budget keeps the…