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Lord Cashman

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Twitter bio: Actor,Writer,ex MEP, Chair NEC,LGBT global envoy 2014-16. Resigned Labour Party 22/05/2019. Stonewall co-founder. Paul Cottingham 1983-2014. Author:One of Them.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 23 Sep 2014
I have lost work on plays and on my memoir. But I returned to my work with a recognition of the vulnerable environm… https://t.co/h2tdXW0zOM
Dan, I will say only this; you have lost something but what you will never lose is your amazing talent & your abili… https://t.co/ZqdUdplOQ8
You are utterly shameful. Double standards up to the ears. If this had been about any other political party, or pro… https://t.co/q5g9mqAG9M
RT @carolecadwalla: This is incredibly disappointing. @bbcnews has chosen so far to do nothing with the Bannon footage. I would really like…
Çok güzel canim. Hep beraber hep beraber. Birlikte. Hepimiz birlikteyiz. Gelecek için. Geleceğimiz. https://t.co/IU4FTxxDHG
Ruth Hunt: For LGBT+ people across the globe, Pride isn’t a celebration yet https://t.co/XAvEaF0ebY
RT @PeterTatchell: .#Tbilisi Pride march, the first ever in the former Soviet state of Georgia, postponed after far right & Christian fanat…
That this march had to be postponed is a terrible reminder of the battle that we still have for equality.… https://t.co/SL8luT8gMl
RT @matwatkinson: @mcashmanCBE Aw, c’mon, Mike. Many people dedicate their lives to circumventing health & safety & employment regulations,…
He reminds them of what their party was like, and could be again. That’s why they love Johnson- he believes he has… https://t.co/fWTteDBCdB
Never tell me all politicians or political parties are the same. The country that we have today, based on equality,… https://t.co/IiWRScF3cm
There is no tomorrow there is only the simple line of time changed by our interactions with others. It is that whic… https://t.co/qxyex99oQs
RT @IRCEurope: 'He’s taught me to be open about being gay, to be honest with who I am.' https://t.co/vBUGKNvOBR
Just been doing some fabulous filming for @TheBBCtv Pride Month. Me and the wonderful writer Shaun Duggan! Watch th… https://t.co/Lk6n14D9Oq
RT @Tara_Hewitt: @mcashmanCBE Thanks Michael from you that's such a wonderful thing to hear. As always we only win against hate when we ste…
RT @Tara_Hewitt: When you've just done a rocking film gig for the BBC lovely to meet the wonderful @mcashmanCBE earlier too :) #SparkleFrid