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Lord Cashman

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Twitter bio: Actor, Writer, ex MEP, NEC. Labour Peer. LGBT global envoy 2014-16. Freedom City of London. Stonewall co-founder. Paul Cottingham 1983-2014. Hon Doctorate, CBE.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 23 Sep 2014
Maybe Peter Bone MP should learn how to spell hypocrisy then he can look it up in the dictionary to find out what i… https://t.co/Un2MRJ3oeS
Did she talk of the murders of civilians by ‘loyalist’ terrorists? Speak of peace, speak of the waste of life on bo… https://t.co/A6oqqQImxP
And Daniel Hannan will not tell us how much he has received for his family and himself in EU subsidy. And I’m not… https://t.co/Ch3DBPmHn6
It is a matter of collective shame that this woman stands in parliament as a member of the Labour Party. I am utter… https://t.co/186uwNXHCv
We naturally want to live happily, trusting peole to govern and to do the right thing, without us having to engage.… https://t.co/6zvwEgnAdB
I’d read it for them. I adore the work you do. And are doing b https://t.co/HWGq6N9PZR
I apologise too. I think I’m so deeply worried about representations and meaning. Clearly I need an injection of… https://t.co/nVEWhxPPXl
And we were brought to such a low much earlier by undermining of Tony Blair from within our own government, and fro… https://t.co/jHSPfWBXm5
Mrs May has proven to the European Union 27 that her demands are nebulous, that she cannot negotiate in good faith… https://t.co/Pw0g1116l8
At the ending of another fascinating week I have the most amazing literary agent @rcaskie1 mentor and friend. Thank you. X
RT @stonewalluk: Want to find out more about Stonewall’s history? Visit Stonewall Impact to see the impact our lobbying and campaigning has…
RT @BenPBradshaw: Mrs May is sounding more and more deluded. She must allow Parliament to vote on her deal next week. If she won’t, Labour…
Congratulations to all. And proud to be a patron of Clapham Omnibus Theatre. https://t.co/hy1gbXol3J
And when will Daniel Hannan tell us how much he and his family have received in subsidy during his time as an MEP.… https://t.co/elzhKJ6Yxa
Daniel Hannan's MEP group told to repay €535,000 in EU funds https://t.co/leJS3OmQNV
RT @thatginamiller: Announcement by EU tonight- 1) no renegotiation 2) will publish all No Deal Preparedness papers on 19 Dec 3) signed big…
RT @RachelMentiply: Yesterday Jean & Christine (a combined age of over 180 years!) came along with @contact_teas to the @JoCoxFoundation #M…