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Twitter bio: Actor, Writer, ex MEP, NEC. Labour Peer. LGBT global envoy 2014-16. Freedom City of London. Stonewall co-founder. Paul Cottingham 1983-2014. Hon Doctorate, CBE.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 23 Sep 2014
If I could live 1000 more years of love I would give it all for one moment more with him. Not to re-live, not to re… https://t.co/bZEHkHxseY
Equinox moon rise! Challenge tides and moods and det dogs to sleep and lovers to howl. Make me obsess with humanity… https://t.co/pzj0thbSBC
Fixed in the ‘heavens’ below we gape in awe. Stars extinguished radiate and light beyond their existence. Yet still… https://t.co/GkzlDHQzFm
Theresa May MP: Give People a Final Say on Brexit Deal https://t.co/0zMPm25BrO via @UKChange
Thank you @ifesukraine for the successful trip to Kyiv. A positive start and brilliant engagement from lgbt+ activi… https://t.co/uiuS7XcEuq
Thank you Peter. Once we get through the ludicrous theatre if Conference Season i will make sure we raise it in the… https://t.co/4eWNlcNwkW
RT @IanMurrayMP: Brexit will be a disaster for the country and you want to sit back. Is this the actual Labour position. It’ll be the poor…
Most people‘s lives are filled with such dreams, often such gentle aspirations. To be loved, to be recognised, the… https://t.co/17geRWUG2l
The shadow of my grief lengthens & softens as its Sun sets. Not on him. Or me. Or us. It sets on pain that grew fro… https://t.co/tfsrFtcD9d
Thank you Dan. The guardians of democracy are people like you. You. Not us. You inspire and move us. X https://t.co/mYG1qDnfWx
RT @joncstone: Can’t get over May claiming EU hasn’t explained why it doesn’t like Chequers. It’s literally just a lie: they’ve explained n…
I am staggered at the self serving silence of @UKLabour front-bench and @jeremycorbyn. This vacuum will not be fill… https://t.co/nPakDtMv4j
Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has urged the EU not to mistake British politeness for weakness after Brexit negotiat… https://t.co/cmtWv38j48
RT @Emily_Benn: And then what? What’s the Labour plan? I have honestly no idea. Can Anyone enlighten me? Where the hell is the Leader of th…
Good grief. Well corrected. I never thought of Ashley as capable of leading a back line up in vaudeville. Then agai… https://t.co/GHY4I2t5yB
The actual joke is that there has never been a UKIP rapporteur who has ever taken up amending, redrafting or negoti… https://t.co/nDIRBRqj0o
RT @stephenkb: Quick take: an astonishing, at times barely reality-adjacent speech that leaves the UK very close to leaving without a deal:…