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Lord Cashman

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Twitter bio: Actor,Writer,ex MEP, Chair NEC,LGBT global envoy 2014-16. Resigned Labour Party 22/05/2019. Stonewall co-founder. Paul Cottingham 1983-2014. Author:One of Them.

Affiliation: Labour
Join Date: 23 Sep 2014
This really is incredible. So many comedians have milked a character like this. Which goes to show that comedy can… https://t.co/mTivAayrl5
Words from lyricists I’ve never met music from composers I’ve never imagined yet in time, tune and season with a sk… https://t.co/sCBeDdnXPD
Night never falls the sun never sets and time and tide do not wait. Yet we have the awesome power to stand still an… https://t.co/mKQDTG89os
And when I bought this painting 35 years ago I thought the artist had imagined such a sky! Yet tonight I realise th… https://t.co/rRdY1MGDCg
As if suddenly embarrassed by it’s indescribable beauty nature, seeing itself in the reflection of the rain, sudde… https://t.co/Zy85n1qjoK
It is a beautiful, enveloping book that takes you on a wonderful journey and opens up the world before you. I loved… https://t.co/vA5dz9ZVKj
My thoughts are with @OwenJones84 because an attack upon him is ultimately an attack upon every single one of us.… https://t.co/Gm1WbZsm4K
I stand in your shadow as you often stood in mine and changing places - me here, you now physically gone - I begin… https://t.co/VjVxf39b00
Early morning and the Thames glides effortlessly towards the estuary. Not a sound rises nor a gull stirs. https://t.co/qQvJo4cgAU
RT @TonyinBermuda: To all our #MarriageEquality supporters. We have so far won 3 court cases against the @BdaGovernment BUT the #PrivyCounc
RT @GayNewsItaly: All Out lancia la campagna per la collettività Lgbti polacca: ad aderire anche Antoni di Queer Eye https://t.co/DouUu0bri…
Silence is unmatched by words and absence has no meaning. That which was remains despite all else: despite change a… https://t.co/4EsnFD31Lu
Congratulations Ruth you have shown strength, the highest integrity, courage, leadership and decisiveness about how… https://t.co/2RLR7ks119
Elsewhere in a garden in the south western Mediterranean memories work their silent tasks and inconspicuous nature… https://t.co/YDlQNAJ92u
Polish politicians have declared LGBT+ people "enemies of the state." Pride marches are being attacked. Show your s… https://t.co/gTPs8QbQ9O
Finally, with a dusky cloud adding irrelevant mystery, the moon appeared and the waiting tide swooned. https://t.co/DwmsOtGMYi
Impatient to seagulls take their seats on the foreshore, the wind pushes the reluctant, hitherto promiscuous tide f… https://t.co/5B9Hc4y5QS
The promiscuous tide hovers, anticipating the call of the moon about to rise full and large in a silent sky. As nig… https://t.co/oygWlgUKMi
Having worked on the original legislation from the European Parliament as well as introducing non-discrimination on… https://t.co/j8cF1yrHFe